A Certainty of Death

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Short dantean poem

Submitted: September 14, 2017

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Submitted: September 14, 2017



You've traversed through your earthly plain
Over landscapes of fire
Where the blood of the eternally tormented
Perpetually rains
You've endured such extreme pains
That would drive even my own demons
Unmitigatedly insane
And here you are at last
Upon the shores of my river Styx
I shall give you this one final chance
To turn around and quit
Be assured that up my sleeves hides no tricks
I am offering you the option to pick
Go home now and live to die an old man
Or continue onwards
With your foolish plan
Your lovers soul is mine to keep
But I see in your soul
Your lust runs too deep
Step into my boat
I'll take you across
Soon all hope you think you have
Will be lost
Nevertheless carry on mortal man
I look forward to perpetually torturing your soul
With my own expectant hands

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