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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

can you find the secrets of 228, or will go down into a pit and met your fate?

Submitted: September 15, 2017

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Submitted: September 15, 2017





When William walked down Hollow road he started to notice a thing like he had never seen before, for instance, the unnoticeable cracks in the pavement of the seemingly endless stretch of the road itself. But there was something else that he had noticed, there was a key in silver coloring. When he examined it closer he sees a number on it, 228, which was strange because all of the numbers on the houses in the area had four digits. He just assumed that it was to another key to another house and just slipped it into his pocket. Only a few steps later he finds a coin and being the curious person he is picked it up and stares, as he flips it over he sees the same number, 228. He flicked the coin in the air, and instead of making a normal coin sound the sound was almost deeper and in reverse. As he is almost at the end of the street he noticed the Hollow pond, he remembers good times there, swimming, camping. As if by coincidence when he walked over to the bank he noticed an old house that seemed to be almost a century old. Then this is what really creeped him out about it, on the fence there was a number, he walked to, it said 228. On the sign of 228 there was small writing on it it said: “It seems little boy, that you have found the secret of 228, now come inside and meet your fate.” As William only took two steps back, the gate had pulled back open as if to invite him in. At this point, he turns and begins to run but then he feels a strange force pulling him towards the door he fights and struggles now he is inside the house being dragged at this point. Then… he wakes up, gladly he states “it was just a dream”. He looked what time it was, it was 2:28. He then panicked he started to run towards the front door not even realizing he wasn’t in his house he bursts through the front door and ran off the porch and he fell into a pit of darkness. His last memory was the date. The second of February, with the year being 2008.


DaKoda Gillian/ 9/7/17


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