A Life of Sickness

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Finding out you are sick is horrible. Being sick your whole life and finding out that your normal wasn't others, that indescribable.

Warning, mentions of suicide.

Submitted: September 15, 2017

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Submitted: September 15, 2017



All my life i have been sick,

God i wish i could say things surprise me,

But they don't.


I wish,


I still had the hope i lost at ten,

That i didn't learn i was stuck with this at 12,

That i didn't dread every doctor’s appointment.


I wish,

And i wish,

But that isn't going to change anything.


My heart broke,


As i found out this wasn't normal for other kids,

That i couldn’t do things like other kids,

That i got another illness.


My heart broke,

It keeps breaking,

And i’m tired of picking up the pieces.


My doctors tell me,


To be patient,

I want to scream,

Tell them to go fuck themselves,


My doctors tell me,

They always tell things,

But they never listen to me.


I have given up wishing,

Because every time it doesn't come true,

My hope goes away.


I try stop my heart from breaking,

Because every time the pieces cut at me,

Killing my heart.

I stop being patient and polite,

Because every time i was shouted down,

I was suffocating.


I want to live,

But how do you live,

When you wish to die.


© Copyright 2018 Jacob Ian Allen. All rights reserved.

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