Thoughts of Nature

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Peter a security officer at Dwarfforce prepares for a military operation which will change his view of the world forever.

Submitted: September 16, 2017

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Submitted: September 16, 2017



It is 2027 and a technological breakthrough is about to be made that can reset the world to normal order. Canada is in an economic crisis related to oil being next to useless. Countries needing lithium to survive in the Middle East go to war with each other. Australia leaded the lithium market until breaking all ties with world countries to avoid a backstabbing. Why so little lithium?  In 2024 a group was formed to create a company called OxyTech this group consisted of many great scientists. These scientists made an invention named the O2Generator V6F or Oxygen Generator. This invention was then built in 2025 which lead to the lithium crisis in 2026 as the generator needed tons of lithium in order to produce oxygen. The Earth’s oxygen levels can sustain the next twenty years this is assuming that at ten years population control will begin. Bell rings , alright one last lecture until Operation DarkVibe begins.


Peter takes a look as his name tag that reads, Peter Dwarfforce Employee Badge 28875 - Security officer

Alright I need to get lunch and then finish up this lecture. Peter proceeds to exit the white spotless class until he notices a bag under a students black desk. Peter sighs and proceeds to pick up the bag. On picking it up he realizes the bag is very heavy so he peaks in to find a laptop, black box and a bluetooth phone that has a flashing blue light. Peter mumbles “Damn, must be some rich kid”. Peter leaves the classroom to enter a sterile hallway with color coded lines on the wall to guide you. Peter thinks to himself “First time I’m going to be at the head office” .


Peter glides down the hallway, passing people talking and joking around. Peter notices that the closer he gets to the head office the less people wearing white collar shirts with orange striped blue jeans and the more people wearing tactical garb and camouflage he sees. It was at this moment that Peter just remembered what Operation DarkVibe entailed and that the operation was happening at one in the morning tomorrow. Peter’s heart shuttered with fear and adrenaline upon this remembrance. He clouded up the Operation with different thoughts and now began to march down the hallway. He arrives at the office greeted by being stared down by about twenty people, the office freezes. In about twenty seconds Peter was at gun point and being told to drop the bag. Peter was told by his colleagues that the reason why the Dwarfforce agency has lasted for so long was because of its security, this was the first time he was a victim of such security.


Peter lowers the bag slowly and the second the bag hits the floor he is tazed and put in a white padded holding cell. After a long ten minute wait Peter has a man come in with a black jumpsuit. Peter reads a name tag that says; Brian Chuv Dwarfforce Employee Badge 56387 - Insurgent Advisory Officer . Brian opened up with “Do you know why you were treated this way?” , Peter replies weakly “Under the circumstances I was taken as a threat” Brian professionally says “Correct, and you went through the wrong entrance” They both laugh, Brian adds “I’m more concerned about your recruit”. Peter looks at Brian to indicate he wants him to finish. Brain says “Stitched in the back of his bag was an Australian flag”.


Brian then looks at his watch, “One second” Brain slips out of the padded cell. Peter mumbles “Fuck” and a couple minutes after Peter’s two cents Brian enters the cell. Brian flops three things on the table. The laptop, an opened black case containing a high grade recorder and the bluetooth phone no longer blinking that blue light. Peter quickly states “I took a peak but touched nothing” Brian clarifies “Even though it may seem like you're in trouble you’re the farthest from it” Peter replies “How?” Brian states “You saved the entire staging facility from a mass attack from the Australians trying to stop Operation DarkVibe” Brian then finishes “you’re free to go”.


Peter missed lunch so he returns to his next class

Dwarfforce was assembled by the remainder of the OxyTech team as an attempt to fix what they started. Members of the OxyTech company were beginning to get picked off after the world was alerted that their device just put a tight time limit on humanity. OxyTech then changed their Dwarfforce company into a high end security company for the scientists in the original team that made the Oxygen Generator. The scientists were killed in a mass cyber terrorist attack that killed two hundred and seventy two thousand people. Dwarfforce then lost most of its resources except for an operating base in Canada that was off the grid. In a final attempt to secure this world before it tumbles in wars Operation DarkVibe was initialized after intelligence was gathered from an Australian Dwarfforce team that the australians had found something hidden in the ground. The goal of Operation DarkVibe was to break into Australia and research what the device is that the Australians had found. Peter then asks “Everyone understand?” The class of two hundred and fifty recruits responds “Yes, Sir!” Peter then gets up and says “Gear up, deployment is in one hour”


Peter is apart of the main component in the specialized DarkVibe team, as he has an idea of what this device may be. He also isn’t a bad shot. Peter speaks to his supervisor named Dilan. “Ready to roll and the recruits are arming, sir!” Dilan shoots back “Good, join the rest of the team at the YellowSub” Peter replies “Yes, Sir!” The sub that can fit a hundred people each turns on. Loud bangs can be heard up the front probably caused by an attached drill that will be used to get around a minefield. Bang, Bang. Chug, chug, chug as the engine turns on and with a final loud zing the sub speeds off towards australia. About six hours later a red light turns on “Operation DarkVibe is a go, all report to stations” with that Peter lunges out of bed and straps on his gear.


Peter looks out the window to see large bullets flying by the sub with flames and small particles looking like pepper gliding through the water. The lights suddenly switch off and the sub stops. Peter’s heart jumps as the sub tips forward and Peter is hit in the head by an unfinished grilled cheese sandwich. Large stones fly past the window and the sub violently shakes throwing peter into a row of men that begin knocking over like bowling pins. Peter regains his ground with the rest of the men and is greeted by a large stone wall out the window.


The sound of the drill pierces Peter’s ears as it tears relentlessly through rock below. The sub stops with a sudden jolt, Peter fly’s through a hallway until catching a room containing a bunk bed and strapped down gear. Peter grabs the strapped down gear and hears people banging their bodies around him. Shouting soon follows but by this point peter has collected magnet shoes from an emergency box in the room to help him keep his balance. Peter then wanders the hall with a first aid kit at this point a haunting feeling wraps around Peter’s mind that something has gone wrong. Just as Peter thinks this a loud bang is heard from the back of the sub soon followed by crunching metal. Sirens begin to blaze with Joe the sub captain shouting that there is a breach in the back part of the sub. Peter heads with his first aid kit to investigate. As Peter jobs down the hallway almost tripping over the grilled cheese sandwich from earlier he hears Dilan’s voice echo in agony down the corridor.


Peter leaps into a sprint towards the cry for help. Upon arriving at Dilan he discovers that Dilans arm has had a broken pipe rip through it. Peter opens the first aid kid and prepares Dilan for immense pain as Peter is about to pull the pipe out. Dilan quickly states in a shaky voice “Would never think that I’d be brought down by a still pipe” Peter laughs with Dilan and jolts the pipe out. Dilan yells with pain as Peter quickly stops the bleeding and helps Dilan up and sends him to the emerge on the other end of the sub. Dilan in relief says “Thanks Peter, I won’t forget this”.


Peter with confidence heads down the hallway with only half his first aid kit left. Peter looks down the hallway to discover water accumulating on the other end. He spots a face at the other end so he pushes on to discover that it’s another captain of a sub who upon seeing Peter begins waving an Australian flag. Peter turns around to head towards captain Joe to tell him the news. After helping a couple people on the way Peter makes it to the helm of the sub. “Something to report, sir!” Joe replies “What is it?” Peter exclaims “The other captain of the sub behind us was an Australian and he rammed us!”  Joe turns towards his radio and barks “Send a team to the end of the sub, we may be boarded” . A team of soldiers embark behind Peter, Peter then says “I need to check the infirmary, my supervisor is there, sir!” Joe says “I understand, thank you”. Peter then heads to the infirmary.


Upon entering he has doctors brushing past him and nurses blowing by him. Peter freezes  and takes in the sounds of pain and panic along with the sights of distress and adrenaline. Peter follows the overhead sign to the infirmary desk and asks the nurse where Dilan is, the nurse responds to Peter by giving him an incident card which has the room number posted on it. Peter heads down the hall to room A28 to find Dilan on a stretcher alive and actually happy. Peter then says to Dilan “You good, sir.” Dilan responds enthusiastically “More than good I just had someone in my team save my life!” Peter uncomfortable with praise responds “Ah, you would’ve survived if I hadn’t of come” they both laugh and Dilan adds “Probably right but I would’ve been taking my chances” Peter says “Alright well I better get to defence with the rest of the team, sir.” Dilan quickly says “Peter, thank you”.


Peter heads out of the infirmary to be greeted by the rest of the team, he was next in line to be in charge. Joe pops on the intercom; “Attention, the australian threat has been eliminated” Joe then follows up with “The damage has been brutal but we have no choice but to go forward in order to do the repairs we need 3 days.” A feeling of disappointment and annoyance sweeps across the sub. Peter chuckles when he here’s sigh’s echo throughout the sub. For the next three days Peter rations and helps with a couple repairs. On the third day as Peter sat eating a sandwich the whole sub shakes once more. Peter drops his sandwich and leaps to his locker to grab his gear and prepare for the mission to resume, he kinda enjoyed the quit three days. Joe jumps on the intercom to announce that the mission will now resume and so with a sigh Peter stands ready.


Rock is heard crumbling as the drill melts the rock in front. Peter found a place to hold on as the bumps get more intense as the rock gets more dense. The crumbling rocks stop and a silence falls upon the sub as the australians were told we were coming and had mines setup around the area where we would come out. A big blast of heat cases Peter as a mine behind the sub erupts propelling the sub forward out of the water and in the line of sight for the australians. Screams of adrenaline and echos of pain begin as soldiers pour out of the sub, Peter follows. The world now moves in slow motion for Peter as he takes in bodies flying and men rolling in pain. He also takes in the vibrant green being obliterated by fire. Peter lost his loyalty for a reason at that time he could not explain. With this loss Peter ran through the gunfire and death moving through bush a debri. Peter then came across a quiet place.


Peter looked around dazed and with this action his eyes grew wide. Peter took in birds chirping and monarchs flying. He took in colors he had never seen and rocks vibrant with moss. He then looked towards a diamond blue water. Peter felt a feeling of deep sorrow knowing that he had fought to break into a paradise. Peter then collapsed by a tree with his gun in his hand. Peter thought maybe the Australians broke off from the rest of the world to save a last slice of Earth, maybe the world being connected makes a world easier to break. Peter mauled this thought over after dropping his gun and sinking into the ocean. Peter then thought as he took in water about how much he took nature for granted. He never thought the most beautiful thing he would see would be a tree. Peter watching hawk circle the waters closed his eyes and woke above the world to watch Dwarfforce secure a gate that could generate lithium. He then watched the world run out of another mineral soon after and upon watching this he woke in nature to wander in peace.



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