"Prom Night"

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Submitted: September 16, 2017

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Submitted: September 16, 2017



It was a Friday night and so happened to be one of those magical Nights... it was Prom Night at "Carson Hill School." Our school had a giant gymnasium the size of two football fields just about. 
My name is Tim and My girlfriend Emma Dodger. We were the Most popular couple in the whole school so we were a sloughing to be crowned Prom King and Queen. 
The night started off with me picking my Girlfriend up at her house in my 2016 Toyota Corolla. I went up to her front door and rang the door bell. 
Her father Jim answered along with his wife Susie who greeted me with a huge camcorder in my face. "Please go back outside and come back in I need to record this." Susie said. I politely agreed and went out and came back inside. She filmed it. When Emma came down the stairs in her stunning expensive white dress. "Aww you two make a beautiful Couple!" Susie said. "Mom your embarrassing me" Emma said nudging me on the shoulder. " yeah, let these two cats get they're disco groove on." Jim said taping my shoulder. 
"Have some fun but don't keep her out long!" He winks at me while handing me an envelope. I open it up. Inside was a hotel ticket. "Wow I uhh can't except this." "Sure you can and will" Jim says laughing. "Dad." Emma says grabbing my arm and forcing me out of the house. "Let's get out of here!" She gets into my car, I shut the door for her and walk to the drivers side and get in my car and shut the door. 
We start to pull out the driveway. I notice an obnoxious light. "Mom" Emma yells outside the window. Her mother was filming them leaving. "Parents." I say. "Yeah mine are so embarrassing. Emma says. "Where you parents like that?" Starring at the road. I say "my mom was excited but my dad wouldn't take his eyes off the TV. I guess we were winning the baseball game." I said pretending to laugh. "Well that's good." Emma said. 
About twenty minutes we pulled into the High School. We found a parking spot,we got out of my car and headed towards the school. The principle was waiting near the doors to the gym for the tickets. Loud music could be heard. We handed him the tickets, and he said "Have fun but not too much fun it's a school night." "Uhh yeah sure" I said. As we entered the gym. Couples everywhere were dancing to pop music. Flashing yellow,gold and white lights lit up the ceiling. Josh and Carmella approached us. "Hey Guys!" "Hey I said shacking my best friend Josh's hand. 
And Emma said "Hey to her friend Carmella. We talked for about ten minutes then Emma said "let's dance!" So we ran to the dance floor and started to dance away for the next three hours. 
Finally the principle and another women I had no idea who she was interrupted the DJ and walked on stage. "Ok Carson Mills It's time to Crown the 2018 prom King and Queen!" Everyone cheered. 
And like I figured, after an intense five second drumroll the principle pulled a name out of a hat. "Would Tim Johnson come up here?" Everyone cheered and I smiled at Emma and lip said "Your next." And ran off to the stage where he shook my hand and congratulated me. And the women Grabbed her name out of the hat "Emma Dodger" she ran up. 
Everyone cheered as I put her crown on her head and she put my crown on mine. Then a slow song came on and she reached her hand out and I took it. We walked off stage and Into the middle of the room I placed my hands on her hips she placed hers on my shoulder. 
And we started to dance,While everyone was watching. After the song, we went to the back of the gym to get food. 
Josh and Carmella congratulated us. A few others did the same. It was almost midnight when we left. I drank some water. "Time to head to the hotel for fun." Emma said.  I spit the water out almost chocking. "Yeah" I said. As we got in the car, and drove down to the Hotel. We found a parking space and walked into the hotel. It was crowded. 
The women at the desk told us there was no rooms available even though we had an envelope with a room hotel. "I'm sorry come back next weekend and you will have two nights free." Disappointed we got back to my car. I started to drive. "Maybe we can go to a park." Yeah. Emma liked the idea. 
We pulled into a near bye park and got out of the car and walked around. We started at the stars and the moon and then I kissed "Emma" telling her that "I loved her." She said it back. As a few minutes went by we heard a weird noise. We got back to my car i Opened the door for Emma. She got in. And I shut the door and walked over to my side. 
I started the car. But it wouldn't move. I though to myself that's weird. I turned the radio on for Emma. And said I'm having car troubles hold on" and I got out of the car. "The radio was interrupted by a women. 

"Residence near Carson Mills are to be warned a suspicious looking character was seen near the school on prom night,and we are not sure at the time what his intensions are yet be advised" 

just then I looked down at my Back left Car tire it was slashed. I didn't have a spare,We were stuck at the park. Then a man approached me he had a knife in his hand. It was hard to see his face from the darkness but he came closer. I dropped my mouth when I saw who it was. "Jim" Emma's father. He slashed my tire. Was he the person on the radio? The suspicious character?

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