Hearts of Brimstone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tragedy has struck. A death has occurred and Jack is distraught by the loss. How did it happen? And why is Jack meeting a dark figure in the desert?

Submitted: September 16, 2017

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Submitted: September 16, 2017



by L.F. Loza


Electricity crackles in the air despite the hour,
The desert night is burning,
the moon shines down hot and bright

The old sports car is speeding down the road,
Anguish is in the heart of the driver,
The vehicle of a demon in flight

Vision is blurred by tears and pain,
Air is whipping his face,
Drying the blood and the tears

His cries are drowned in the night air,
Hands on the steering wheel are cold,
Realization of all his dread and his fears

The car stops, silent and hot,
The rear lights like crimson eyes,
The driver’s door opens to a cruel world

Two black boots hit the asphalt,
They head to the trunk, scraping along the way,
The trunk opens, the horrible secret is unfurled

A bloody sheet is inside,
Wrapped around solid proof of love lost,
Wrecked with loss, the sheet clings tightly in his arms

He sobs into the sheet, pain apparent,
The cold sheet, tight against his beating heart,
Innocence seduced by wicked charm

Stumbling, he heads towards the desert,
Kicking rocks with his boots,
Sending up clouds of dust and sand

His shirt is crimson stained, sticking to his self,
Behind his neck is a symbol,
A mark to the world, an infernal brand

A ghoulish skull with protruding horns,
Grinning a mouthful of fangs,
A serpent tongue slithering down

He shambles further in the dark,
He's lost in a haze, dreamlike
He's leaving behind a crimson trail on the ground

He remembers when it all started,
Two souls found and torn apart,
He wants it to end, he wants to sleep

He falls to his knees and weeps


Before, he had entered the tavern,
Jack is his name,
He looks around this place of vice

Air reeks of sweat, smoke, and sin,
Patrons of the lowest kind,
Music drowns out all talk under the lights,

He's at the bar, wants a drink,
Bartender is a women,
Eyes gleam bloody with lack of rest

Through black bangs, she stares at him,
A whiskey, he says,
Ice? No. Straight? Yes.

He sips, peanut shells crunch under his fingers,
Man next to him is coughing up blood,
Still he drinks from his beer, undeterred

Jack motions to the bartender to come,
He gives her a name,
She stares at him, face grown with concern

She tell him the corner booth,
Then rushes away,
Jack looks to the fore mentioned table,

Single Man In a dark black suit, drinking,
Jack sits in front of him,
Hoping to find the wish master of fables

The Man Looks at him with serpent eyes,
His face is snakelike,
He speaks to Jack, poisonous words are laid

Asks Jack why he interrupts him this night,
Asks him if he has any manners,
Jack responds that he's looking for a trade,

The Man regards him with interest and intrigue,
Asks him how he heard of his name,
“In desolate alleys where whispers tend to slither”

The Man asks him if he's ready for what comes,
Jack is willing to trade,
For he promised his love their problems will wither

The Man’s serpent eye gleams in the low light,
Tells Jack the price will be high,
Jack nods, their glasses meet with a clink

The Man’s eyes glimmer hungrily as they drink


Jack had met Luz in his hometown,
An olive skinned beauty,
With dreams to aspire and grow

The winter winds are harsh, they blow ceaselessly,
They don't notice, eyes locked together,
Ignoring the frost wind and the snow

He's a man of the hard life, hard work, and hard drink
She's a scholar and a dreamer,
Goals of a career and a family shine in her mind

Her hand is reached for, warm and soft in his cold fingers
They make their way to his car,
He promised her a warm Camaro with heat for a ride

They kiss and they connect as wandering souls,
An energy surges through them,
Their hearts meld together as they thirst

They spend the night together, as newfound lovers,
She asks him if he cares for her,
Jack tells her he would rearrange constellations for her

Her being has become the stars of his dreary night sky,
She strokes his face, a lover’s caress,
They sleep as their bond grows stronger after the night

Their love blooms into a life together, ups and downs
He works to support her dreams,
She tries to spend every moment with him in sight

They continue this for years to come,
The bond only gets stronger,
She graduates college and has plans of moving forward

But misfortune lay ahead, a reminder of reality,
A death in the family,
Her aspirations are to be frightfully lowered

Her mother had died in her sleep, heart problems,
Devastation, as she sinks in sorrow,
Economic problems mount, drowning her further

Jack worked tirelessly to help her escape this hell,
But nothing could help,
Heartbroken to see how much the loss had hurt her

One day she breaks down crying, her life in shambles
Her head on his chest, she weeps
He then made a promise to himself that day

Through hell itself, he would make the problems dissipate


Jack, heading home, spirits lifted, seeks to find Luz
He tells her all will be alright,
She asks him, her confusion is heard

He holds back on the truth, knowing it will worry her
About meeting the Man,
Assuring her, everything is in order, he gave his word

Jack and the Man meet, the next day, in an alley,
Man confesses, Jack needs a vow,
A bond to seal his commitment to the deal they agreed,

Tells Jack of a contract, a covenant between them,
He needs only to sign it,
A signature in ink, but of the crimson type, is what they need

A silver dagger is drawn from the dark suit,
A carve is made into Jack’s thumb,
Dark crimson stains the parchment, seeping through

Man tells him that all Earthly desires are within reach,
A life of luxury and riches await,
All that's asked of him is a task, to start his life anew

The Man tells him, his eyes reflecting eerily,
That one task must be complete,
That the Man’s employer is an understanding host

But in order to appease the Employer to his favor
They first need see his devotion,
He needs to sacrifice what he loves the most

Dread spreads in Jack’s chest, his breathing quickens,
He asks what he could mean,
The Man grins, a devilish smile pulls back on his teeth

He scoffs at him and tells him not to be naive,
His Employer is looking for devotion,
So he could live deliciously as long as he breathes

The requirement, the blood of his one true love,
The blood spilled must be done by a familiar hand,
The body to be delivered to the heart of the desert

Panic floods Jack’s veins, heart hammering in his chest
He stammers and gasps, he can't,
He compromises to anything else, as long she doesn't get hurt

The Man stares, those serpentine eyes,
Coldly he states he doesn't have a choice,
That it was too late to pull back, he signed the contract

A light flares in Jack’s mind, blinding him on impact


Light subsiding, Jack is shook out of his daze,
Spots pepper his sight,
Glancing at his hand, in his fingers is the dagger

His shirt sticks, scarlet and sodden,
His hand are coated in it,
He looks down, the horror makes him stagger

Luz, looking up at him from a pool of her own blood,
Stab wounds adorn her body,
A slash on her throat, gurgling through blood, still alive

Hands grabbing her throat, life draining by the pint,
Those starlit eyes looking back at him,
Perplexed by his betrayal, no chances to survive

Dropping the dagger, his body starts to shake,
He falls down, broken, watching in horror,
Hysteria taking over, he starts to wail and sob

His mind, lost in emotional chaos, denies his actions
He reaches out, her hands meet his,
They're cold, clammy, and blood sticks to his palms

His hands are on the wound, she no longer breathes
He looks about, no phone is within reach
He needs medical help, he needs to save her

But the room was a blur, there was only them
The truth is distressing, she has passed,
His tear stricken cheek on hers, he has failed her

He acted foolishly with her in mind, now she lay dead,
He had walked into a devilish snare,
His heart, broken, and by his own hand was maimed

His love, his reason to be was now gone,
His sky was now dark and broken,
Nothing to keep him breathing on this treacherous plane

The back of his neck burns, lines were being scorched,
An infernal brand seared his flesh,
He is a mere puppet, string pulled on him to dance

He caused this destruction, the blame was on him alone,
All this agony, brought on by his hand,
But there was determination, he needs to finish, one last chance

A white sheet is being wrapped, a burden on his heart
His black boots scrape their way to his Camaro
Sheet placed in the trunk, in his being he'll never forget her

He drives out into the dark night of the desert


He gets to his feet, pressing tighter into his chest
He goes deeper into darkness,
The heat radiating from the sun baked ground

Panting, the will to live evaporating from his aching body,
The moon, bright as it watches
Jack can only see the darkness that starts to surround

The heat intensifies, the air is now radiant,
In front of him towers a dark silhouette,
Two embers glow, showing malice and promising lies

Jack falls, the sheet corpse drops, he reaches back
The dagger is tucked in his back pocket,
It glimmers as it's drawn, Jack staring into those Devil Eyes

A pungent smell wafts towards him, death and sulphur,
He knows this entity,
The Employer that demanded a sacrifice

This evil had set up a trap, making him a monster,
Under the influence of such evil
He ripped away and destroyed, the love of his life

No words were exchanged, but he knew deep inside
The evil communicates,
It is pleased, and was now willing to hold its own end

Luxury, lust, and gluttony flash inside Jack’s mind
All within reach, all with his grasp,
He denies these gifts, wants back his stars instead

He pleads, begging for resurrection of his Love,
The silhouette rumbles,
A guttural laughter, amusing the beast,

For their covenant, the requirements of the trade
He had completed his end,
And for that It was eternally pleased

Jack feels numb, he sinks deeper into a pit of despair,
Without Luz, what could he aspire for?
His sky is without stars, why should he exist?

The dagger flashes, it's held to his own throat,
The beast stares, nothing is done,
The scarlet embers stare, Jack denies his gifts

More blood is spilled by the same familiar hand,
Jack falls, warm crimson fluid pooling around him,
A final act of defiance, a final act of spite

It is still pleased, the reek of blood is in the night

© Copyright 2020 L.F. Loza. All rights reserved.

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