What Really Matters

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

What Really Matters is a story of a young girl who is pushed too far by social media and peer pressure. She learns important lessons but, will they help her in real life?

Submitted: September 17, 2017

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Submitted: September 17, 2017



BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Ugh. Camilla rolls out of bed and turns off her alarm. She trudges to her bathroom and washes her face, then grabs her phone and checks her social media. Only 110 likes on her recent post, her last one got 180 likes, must have been the filter, she knew willow made her look too tan. Oh well, she’ll delete the post if she didn’t get enough likes by lunch time.  Camilla goes back to her room and begins to get dressed.

Camilla is 14, she lives in LA. Her dad’s a famous movie producer and her mom’s a model. Unfortunately, in social media’s and Camilla’s eyes, her mom’s pretty genes weren’t past down to Camilla. Although Camilla is the prettiest girl her parents have ever seen, she’s convinced otherwise. Camilla has beautiful olive skin and gorgeous long black hair. She’s a beautiful girl but, always covers herself up and never shows the real her.

Camilla finishes her hair and makeup. She runs out the door to catch the bus purposely forgetting breakfast. How could she afford to eat if she looked like an elephant? Once Camilla gets to school she goes to meet her friends, they all look fabulous, like always. They invite her to a party tonight, she has ballet class but, she decides it can wait. Why would she miss a chance to be cool?

Camilla quickly checks her social media and posts an #OOTD because her followers like it. Then Camilla runs to make it to math class on time. She tunes out during math; her tutor has taught her everything she needs to know for 8th grade math and some of 9th grade math. After math, she has 3 periods of art and then 1 period of English. Camilla loves art but, can’t truly express herself because her friends are in that class and they would never talk to her again if they saw what she really enjoyed, other than shopping. During English, her ex-boyfriend harasses her but, the teacher does nothing about it. Finally, its lunch time, Camilla goes to get her lunch eats it and then goes and throws it all up. If I don’t eat my friends will know I’m fat and will call me names but, if I don’t throw up, I’ll get too fat. No celebrity is ever bigger than a size 2, I’m a size 4.

Camilla is hugely influenced by celebrities because of her mom, dad and social media. Since Camilla parents are famous, a lot of people follow her and they judge her for everything she wears, posts, and does. Camilla constantly feels the need to have the perfect outfit, plenty of makeup on, perfect hair and be doing all the right, cool things. Even at school, people make fun of her and tell her their “sorry that her mom’s genes didn’t pass on to her” It makes Camilla very hurt but, when she got to middle school, she began to believe them and started listening to the mean comments. The mean comments have stopped but, Camilla is hurt and isn’t herself.

After school Camilla goes home to change before the party, her friends are coming with her so they can borrow something from her closet. When they get home, Camilla’s maid takes their bags and gets them a snack. Chocolate chip cookies. Camilla takes one cookie and her friends grab the plate and bring it to her room. Camilla’s room is giant and very modern, the girls turn on the TV and eat their snack before getting ready for the party.

Camilla’s closet is amazing, filled with clothes and accessories. She has hundreds of shoes, dresses, pants, skirts, tops and accessories. The girls go towards the dresses and pick out a couple each and begin to try them on. Once the girls have all picked out a dress, they all take a shower and then do their nails. Once they’re ready they began their hair and makeup. When they’re finally ready, they slip on their dresses and then leave for the party.

Camilla didn’t know anyone at the party but, she’s pretty good at making friends she usually just has to say “Hi, I’m Camilla Young.” Which usually leads to “Wait what? You’re the real Camilla Young? Like the Camilla Young?” Camilla misses the days when no one cared who she was and she could just be her but, that isn’t allowed when you’re an A list celebrity.

At the party Camilla is offered a drink which she kindly refuses. Camilla notices that all her friends take a drink and look at her weird when she doesn’t take a drink. Later in the party, Camilla notices her friends heading outside of the club so she chases after them to meet up with them. As she follows them and catches up with them, she realizes that they are going out to smoke and do drugs. She goes with them to try to stop them but, they want her to go with them and do it too. Camilla is now trapped, she can either let the girls convince her to smoke or leave them and risk her friendship with her best friends.

Camilla is so convinced that the only way to be cool at this point is to smoke and risk her health, safety, reputation, and happiness. Camilla agrees and is handed a cigarette and someone comes and lights her cigarette.

As the night goes on, Camilla smokes several cigarettes, drinks a lot of alcohol and at some point, is asked to do drugs. The night is such a haze for Camilla, she felt as if she’s floating on air the whole night.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Camilla finally wakes up after what feels like forever. As Camilla looks around the room she realizes she’s lying in a hospital with about 8 or 9 cords hooked up to her. She sees her mom and dad talking to what must be the doctor.  “Alcohol poisoning…too much partying…she needs to stay away from any drugs or cigarettes” As Camilla looks closer, she sees her mom in tears, Camilla was terrified, what had happened that would make her mom cry.

Then Camilla’s parents see her waking up.

“Oh honey, are you alright?”

“What happened mom?”

“Well, honey, you had one too many drinks last night. You got alcohol poisoning but, from what the doctor was saying, you should be alright now and should be able to come home in an hour or two.”

“I’m so sorry mom and dad, I didn’t know there was going to be any alcohol or drugs at the party but, once my friends convinced me to try it I just…”

Camilla was out of breath and started crying, she was scared. She had let her “friends” convince her to do something that could’ve killed her.

“Honey, it’s alright” says her dad. As her mom leans over and gives her a hug and a kiss.

“Hey, Ms. Camilla, do you think you could give a 1-10 as how you’re feeling?” The doctor says to Camilla. Camilla puts up an eight. Her stomach was hurting, and she felt a little bit nauseous. 

“Okay honey can you sit up for me and drink a little bit of water”

Camilla sat up and drank a little water but, then began to throw up into a bowl.

“Okay, that’s alright honey, just lay back down. Can we get you anything, TV, phone, change of clothes or anything else?”

“Can I just change and turn the TV on?”

“Yes of course”, her mother jumps in, “come with me honey”

Her mother leads her back to a bathroom where Camilla changes out of her party dress and into a comfy outfit as they go back to the hospital room, Camilla grabs her phone and puts it on the charge, then she turns on a movie. Once Camilla’s phone has enough charge, she starts seeing a bunch of comments, likes, and messages asking if she’s okay. She asks her mom about it and she responds saying, “Since you had to call an ambulance last night, they alerted paparazzi that you were in trouble in order to let people know what happened so, most people know about what happened.” Camilla’s dad was currently dealing with the paparazzi and was interviewing to explain the issue. Camilla decided to post on her Twitter a quick blurb saying what happened and posted on her Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook a picture with a caption explaining what had happened.

By around 1 pm, Camilla was feeling well enough to eat and drink and the doctors were ready to send her off, Camilla’s mom made her change again but this time into designer leggings and a nice comfy top.

As they said goodbye to the doctors, they headed outside quickly pushing through the crowd to make it into their car. They rolled up the window shades and started driving home.

When they got home, they met with their publicist and Camilla’s dad, they discussed how they were going to handle things and they decided to acknowledge that Camilla and her parents made a mistake but, learn from it and help others to learn from it too.

Camilla was to go on TV and discuss the issues about alcohol and children and how alcohol needs to be kept away from kids. This would happen in two days, so Camilla would miss school on Monday. Camilla also missed school on Friday so, she would have some time to cool off before going back to school. Camilla’s parents also gave her new rules so that nothing bad happened again. Camilla was to tell her parents before she went to a party and she was to have a security escort to go with her everywhere she went, she was also not allowed to drink, smoke, do drugs, or go to parties that weren’t at her house.

“Well thank you so much Ms. Camilla Young and once again thank you for joining us on the show we hope to see you again soon.”

“Thank you so much! Hope to see you soon.”

Camilla waves to the crowd and exits the stage. She had just been on the Hellen show and had just spoken about alcohol, drugs and smoking with young children and would be returning to school the next day. Camilla went home, ate dinner then changed for bed.

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP Ugh. Camilla rolls out of bed and turns off her alarm. She trudges to her bathroom and washes her face, then grabs her phone and checks her social media. Her Twitter page is blowing up since her appearance on the Hellen show. I better get ready for school…I hope everything is okay today.   Camilla goes back to her room and begins to get dressed.

Camilla finishes her hair and makeup. She runs out the door to catch the bus, grabbing a protein bar on the way out. Once Camilla gets to school she goes to meet the headmaster, she is allowed to go sit with him in his office until classes start in order to avoid the paparazzi. Camilla quickly checks her social media and posts a tweet saying, “Finally back at school lets make this week a good one #goodvibe”.

Camilla heads to science class and then art where she sees her friends for the first time since the party, they roll their eyes at her but, leave her alone. In art class Camilla begins a piece about alcohol, drugs and smoking. While she’s working she meets a cool girl named Regan who’s amazing at art and helps Camilla to finish her work. Regan and Camilla hang out for the rest of the day, Camilla realizes that Regan is in a lot of her classes. Regan and Camilla eat lunch together and Regan makes Camilla promise not to throw up her food ever again. By the end of the day, Regan and Camilla are best friends and decide that Regan will come over to Camilla’s house that afternoon.

From that day on Regan and Camilla or Cammy and Re were inseparable, Regan became a famous artist and Camilla became a teacher of middle school. Camilla learned a hard lesson at a young age, but it pushed her to become a better person and smarter young woman. A couple years after the incident Camilla realized she never knew who had called the ambulance she had always assumed it had been her friends but she later found out that Regan had been at the party and had seen Camilla in trouble so she followed her around and made sure to help her when she needed it. Every time Camilla had been in trouble somewhere, she realized Regan had helped her out, Regan was meant to be her best friend.


© Copyright 2020 Emma Brown. All rights reserved.

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