Balance Power Determinaton

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This short story is about Jamabo, a doctor in Niger, Africa and Abasiama a young girl from Niger, Africa who visits Jamabo only to discover that she is destined to be a doctor. Will Jamabo be able
to help Abasiama?

Submitted: September 17, 2017

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Submitted: September 17, 2017





California, USA 2010:

“Alright class today we will be reviewing all the key vocabulary that will be on your final assessment” says the teacher as the final few students slip into the room and sneak into their seats. Jamabo, still struggling with making friends in school, is seated in the back of the class with her computer open and her recording device on. She has recorded every class she has attended since she started at the University of California’s Health Institute. Jamabo has attend this class before so she knows the lesson like the back of her hand but still she comes, every day for two years she has attended the same classes soaking up as much information as possible, medical classes and business school. It should all add up and help her to open her own clinic in Niger. Jamabo’s mind begins to wander, off to her past and as the class goes on new memories arise in her mind, she’s a young girl off on her first of many trips to collect water for her family. She’s 13 and taking care of her young sister, oh how she misses her sister, as she and her sister come back from collecting water they hear a loud scream, they run towards it scared as they arrive at the scene they see millions of people at a makeshift clinic begging for health care. They are all very sick and they just keep coming, there is no end to the line of people. That scene and losing her sister to malaria are the reasons she is here, and with this in mind she returns back to the class and continues taking notes.


Niger, Africa 2017:

The bucket is heavy, full of dirty, muddy water. Abasiama is returning from her second trip that day. Once she returns home, her mother will give her the midday meal and empty the water into one of the buckets. After this Abasiama will return to the pond to collect more water. Every day from October- May, and then comes the rainy season. During the rainy season, Abasiama works at home with her mother helping her to prepare for the dry season to come. Abasiama dreams of having an education and becoming a doctor to help the people in need. When she was younger she attended elementary school but, as she got older, she had more responsibility and so she had to stop attending school. Abasiama is nearing her house now and as she does, she starts to hear crying, the closer to the house she gets the louder the crying the becomes. She is very confused as to who is crying and why but, Abasiama continues with her chores and then wanders into the house to see what is wrong. As she enters the house she sees her brother crouched on the floor, clutching his stomach in pain, as she nears him he screams out in pain. Abasiama calls out to her parents, as she calls her brother screams in pain, Abasiama crouches down to hold him in her arms. As she sits and waits for her parents to come she begins to wonder if her brother will be alright.



California, USA 2014:

“Please put your hands together for the class of 2014” Jamabo and her graduate class slowly near the stage as the audience hoots and hollers. As she walks up onto the stage, she scans the crowd for familiar faces, she sees none. Jamabo’s parents aren’t there, she knew they wouldn’t be she just hoped they might be there, somewhere in the crowd. Jamabo’s parents are back in Niger, waiting for her to come home and to start her clinic, she knows they are supporting her from far away but, she misses them. She wants them to come to America, to see California. She knows it’s impossible, it’s unbelievable that she made it hear herself so for her family to come would be a miracle. They call her name and she goes and receives her diploma, as she does this, she remembers the day she graduated high school and found out that she was going to California. She was so excited and scared, and now as she looked out at the crowd, she began to feel very grateful for this opportunity. Now as the ceremony came to an end, Jamabo said her final goodbyes to her few friends and thanked her professors. Jamabo went back to her dorm and changed out of her cap and gown, folded them and put them in the box they came in, now she changed into her clothes and packed a few more things into her suitcase. Jamabo was sad to be leaving the safety and comfort of San Francisco but she was so excited to move back to Niger and help the children and people there. 


Niger, Africa 2017

Four days, four days of walking through the hot desert areas of Niger. Abasiama would have to walk four days with just her brother, Madu, to find health care at the nearest clinic. Abasiama’s family didn’t have enough food and water on a normal day so they were unsure as to how Abasiama and Madu were to survive on the road,but they figured that they must take Madu to the clinic in hope of them helping him. As Abasiama walked, she pushed a cart with Madu, shelter, food, and water. Abasiama also carried a tub for water in case they found water. Four days later, Abasiama and Madu arrive at the health clinic and immediately see where they need to check in, there is a very long line with many people in it and many others arriving, Abasiama did her best to run with the cart so that she could get into the line quickly, but she tripped on a rock and was unable to make it into line before a large group of people did, Abasiama ended up at the end of the line. She had to wait for over three hours to get to the front of the line and when she did, she had to wait another two hours before she could get a doctor to speak to her and to look at Madu. Once the doctor looked at Madu, he told Abasiama that Madu was suffering greatly from malnutrition, this was because Abasiama’s family couldn’t get enough food for the family,so most of the family barely ate enough food in a day. Madu had to stay in the clinic, for many days for him to become healthy once again.


Niger, Africa 2017

Jamabo has been running her own clinic for three years now. She has 10 doctors and 15 nurses. Her clinic helps over 80 people per day and 560 people per week. Jamabo is living in her clinic and her parents live in the apartment nearby. Today Jamabo has to help cure malnutrition in a young boy. The young boy is on his own with his older sister. His older sister, Abasiama is 14 and learning to be a doctor through the other doctors and nurses. Jamabo is going to ask Abasiama if she wants to stay at the clinic for a few more years after her brother goes home. Jamabo wants to help teach Abasiama to become a doctor with hopes to send her to America where she could receive a formal education. Jamabo learned a lot from watching other doctors cure people so she feels that she could greatly help Abasiama by inviting her to work at the clinic alongside some of the best doctors in Niger. Jamabo has to go check on Madu now, when she enters she sees one of the nurses talking to Abasiama explaining how the pulpy nut works, “pulpy nut is a nut that we can feed to kids like your brother, it helps them to gain weight quickly, and helps them to recover from malnutrition quicker” as the nurse finished up, Jamabo got her tools ready and began to prepare to give Madu his final check-up.


Niger, Africa 2017

“…and helps them to recover from malnutrition quicker” the nurse finished telling Abasiama about pulpy nut. Abasiama quickly grabbed her notebook so that she could record everything she had just learned and so that she could write notes about this check-up. As she finished her notes on pulpy note, the doctor started the check-up. When she finished, she told Abasiama that Madu had completely recovered from malnutrition and that they were going to send him home today. Abasiama was very excited until she realized that Madu going home meant she would have to leave the clinic and wouldn’t be able to become a doctor. This made Abasiama very sad, Jamabo saw it on Abasiama’s face and decided to ask her, “Abasiama, would you like to stay at the clinic for a few more years, to learn about being a doctor so that in a few years, you could go to America for medical school, in hopes that you could eventually be a doctor,” to this Abasiama responded, “Yes, yes, please. I ever so what to be a doctor, please please,” Jamabo, said “We would love to have you at this clinic, as long as your parents allow it, go home today and ask them, then, if allowed come back, we will provide you with shelter, food and will help you to get a good education in medicine.



California, USA 2021

“Alright class today we will be reviewing all the key vocabulary that will be on your final assessment” says the teacher as the final few students slip into the room and sneak up to their seats. Abasiama, still struggling with making friends in school, is seated in the back of the class with her computer open and her recording device on. She has recorded every class she has attended since she started at the University of California’s Health Institute. Abasiama has attend this class before so she knows the lesson like the back of her hand but still she comes, every day for one year she has attended the same classes soaking up as much information as possible, medical classes, she has taken after her mentor Jamabo. Abasiama is so grateful for the opportunity to be attending the University of California. She would never be here without the help of Dr. Jamabo and if her brother had never gotten sick, she wouldn’t have ever met Dr. Jamabo.  Abasiama is going to graduate in 2024 and then she will go back to Niger to work for Dr. Jamabo. Her future is very well planned and Abasiama is so happy to finally be closer to accomplishing her dream.


California, USA 2024

“Please put your hands together for the class of 2024” Abasiama and her graduate class slowly neared the stage as the audience hoots and hollers. As the graduate class walked up on to the stage, Jamabo remembered the day she graduated from the University of California. Jamabo was very proud of herself on that day, she had shown everyone who had ever doubted her that she could do it. On this day, she had missed her family and was disappointed that she couldn’t see them. This made Jamabo even prouder of Abasiama, she cheered even louder. Abasiama’s face changed as she saw Jamabo, she smiled bigger and raised her head higher. The entire graduate class had finally made it on to the stage and they all waved to the crowd and then sat for the presentation of the diplomas. As each student stood up and received their diploma, their smiles became bigger and they waved towards their family, they were all so happy. Jamabo remembered the time she graduated, she was happy and nervous. The day was quite a blur now, it had been 10 years since she graduated and so much had happened since that day. It was Abasiama’s turn to receive her diploma and she looked nervous, Jamabo cheered and smiled towards her.


California, USA and Niger, Africa 2024

“Abasiama Buhari” Abasiama stood up and slowly walked over to the podium to receive her diploma. Jamabo cheered and smiled at her. Abasiama’s nerves suddenly went away and she put her head up and smiled at the crowd. She was so proud of herself she had defied odds and made it to California. Abasiama came from being a small young girl who collected water daily, to a beautiful confident young woman who was receiving her doctoral degree today. As the ceremony ended, Abasiama went to find Jamabo, as she approached she ran up to her and jumped into her and gave her a giant hug, telling her “Thank you, thank you for everything”. Jamabo was very taken back but, she simply replied to Abasiama with, “I saw myself in you and knew I had to help to get you in the right position in the world, you’re a smart girl Abasiama, remember that”. After this Abasiama ran up to her dorm and packed up her things and changed. She was ready to go home. A few hours later, Jamabo and Abasiama are on their flight home, they are silent for the flight. Once they are arrived in Niger, they left the airport and departed on a four hour car ride to the clinic, Abasiama’s new home. Abasiama’s family knew that they would be arriving today so, they have travelled to the clinic to welcome her home, Abasiama is very excited to see them but, as they get closer to the clinic, she starts to worry if she will still remember them.


Niger, Africa 2024

As they jumble around in the back of the car as they travel to Jamabo’s clinic, Jamabo sees Abasiama begin to worry about meeting her parents. Jamabo had been through the same thing, she knows what it feels like. She did her best to comfort Abasiama but, she could tell she was still worried. Jamabo didn’t expect anything else, Abasiama hadn’t seen her parents since 2017, it had been seven years, her parents had grown older and her brother was becoming a young man. They were nearing the clinic and Jamabo and Abasiama could both see Abasiama’s parents waving and shouting as they approached, Abasiama’s smile became very big, she looked like a kid on Christmas. The car came to a stop and Abasiama jumped out as fast as she could and ran to her family. Her mother came to her and hugged her, they both began to cry. Jamabo watched from the side as Abasiama met her family for the first time in 7 years, as she watched, she began to remember her meeting of her family after attending college. She had missed them so much. Now as Abasiama came back to the car to get her suitcase, Jamabo looked at her and said, “Never underestimate yourself or anyone else, Abasiama, you are powerful, don’t ever forget it”.

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