The Return

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I'm confronted with this man who did something that really shocked me. I've heard people talking about strange things, like out of the body, like dreaming of places they'd never been to. But now I
actually see this phenomena, I'm lost for words.

Submitted: September 17, 2017

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Submitted: September 17, 2017



''You mad fool, you raving lunatic. Do you expect to get through that door without opening it?''
''Yes, I do,''  said the tall man. ''I have done it before.''
''Okay then, go on, let me see you do it.''
''I will.'' The tall man walked to the door, and without opening it, he was on the other side.
I just couldn't believe what I had seen and blurted out, ''My God! Who are you?''

The tall man said, ''I'm just me but I found out lately that I have this power. I cannot use it negatively. I have to use it to help others.''
''You haven't answered my question properly.''
''I'm the one you've been waiting for,'' he said.
''I haven't been waiting for anyone. Maybe you have the wrong person,'' I told him.
''You're name is John, isn't it?''
''Yes, so?''
''I am he, remember? I said I'll return. Glad to see you again, John.''

''You even know my name, that is quite easy to know.''

The tall man came close, his eyes penetrating like an infra-red light. Only they were greyish-blue. His hair was jet black and looked like a mop. His hands were long and his fingers looked as if they had never seen hard work. I inspected him all over.''So you've got that peculiar power, I must admit I know quite a lot of people with extra-ordinary powers, but they're still human beings.''

''Remember Patmos, John? I showed myself to you. I even took you up to my ship.''
''Are you trying to say that you are him? Now I'm beginning to understand the mystery.''
'' I knew John, that you would live long. You always believed in me. Your faith was strong. Others gave it up as a bad job. They thought that I had one too many and was waffling like a mad man.''

''Go through that door again!''He went through the door and was on the other side, just like the first time.

I dropped down on my knees, clasped my hands and said, ''Lord, it is really you. You have returned just like you said you would..''

''Rise up John and listen. The news has to be spread secretly. They cannot harm me this second time, for as you see yourself, it is impossible. The first time I was in the flesh. It was only at the end, when I was in the cave, that I became completely light.''

''As you know, Lord, when you were on earth, it is not easy to keep a secret from the outsiders,'' I said.
''This time things will be different. I am light, full of light within me, I take on a human form. Where I came from the angels are like fire, they can change into any form.''

''Take both my hands with your hands,'' he said to me. I did so. A strange feeling came over me. I wasn't myself. I lost consciousness. In an instant, I came to,saw the Lord standing there beside two seats that were facing what looked like a sea f glass.

There was a table with strange markings on it. Suddenly, the Lord did something, and on the sea of glass, I saw Patmos.

I stared, and couldn't believe my eyes. The Lord said: ''I have changed your body, John. You can take on any form you want to.''
I said: ''I remember Lord, when we were at the last supper meal, I rested my head on your chest, and it felt hard.''
''It is really soft, John. In human beings it feels as if it is hard.''

With amazement, I kept lookind around me. The feeling was not like the feeling when I was back on earth. I felt in myself that I was there, and yet wasn't there. The shape of the ship was like two inverted plates of clay,bulging out in the center, and thinning out at the circular rims.

There were lights flashing on and off, and I heard voices speaking.

The Lord explained everything to me. He told me in these types of ships--which they call scout ships, they can tune in to any place on earth. He told me that these scout ships travels back to the mother ship which is circling the earth.

Inside the scout ship, I felt it lifting, with strange vibrations and a whining noise, then suddenly, all was still. ''I'll take you up to the mother ship, and let you look around,'' The Lord said to me.

I saw this long cigar-shaped object with flashing lights going on and off at intervals. As we drew nearer it became bigger and it was very long; multicolored lights everywhere. I was looking at the sea of glass and seeing everything that came into view. The entrance we went through had no solid doors. Soon I felt we were settled down. The Lord said: ''We are here, John. You'll see your friends again.'' This all happened in a flash and I was aware of it.

Stepping out the ship, the Lord  behind me, I saw how massive the area was. There were many different types of ships, some small, some big. The Lord guided me to a side door. We went into a box with a glass moving from right to left. Suddenly we were on the first floor. We walked passed a few door, then entered a door on the right. The room was long with a table in the form like a boat. Around the table were many men. I knew staright away who they were. They were my friends. The group of eleven who were always with the Lord. With myself added, we were twelve. We greeted each other, then I took a seat between Peter and the Lord.

The Lord said: ''We welcome John among us. He was the last one among you who stayed on the earth a long time. He was with me in the beginning. He didn't give up but followed me right to my suffereing on the cross. He was right there at the foot of the cross with my Imah. In my agaony I saw how he was feeling my pain as well. He took care of my imah when I went away.''

He turned to me, ''John, soon you'll see my imah. She's on the third floor.'' He continued, ''I told you all that I would come back and take you to where I am. I knew some of you doubted me. But what have you to say now? Here you are with me just like I told you.''

Peter said: ''What about the believers, they are still waiting for you to return.''

''I kn ow, Peter, I Know. That's been taken care of. When John is taken back, he'll make all the necessary prparations. James, my brother, I want you to get all the transport ships ready, the light transmitting ones.''

After the Lord's speech, he took me up to the third floor, and there I met Mary. When she saw me, she wa filled with joy. She said: 'John! So glad to see you!''
'I said: ''Mary! You are still as beautiful as ever.''
She said to her son, '' I'll show John around some more.''
The Lord said, ''That's okay Imah, I'll meet up with both of you later.''

I went with Mary and she showed me around. We visited some places. She took me to a door where Mary Magdalene was. We went in and the joy of seeing her was great. We hug each other as was the custom. I returned to where the Lord was with the friends.

He told us that when he was five years old, he knocked his head when his ,mother pulled him through a hole to rescue him from the Roman  soldiers who were on the opposite side of the compound on a cobble-stoned road.

He said to us that it was about the feast of Tabernacles when he heard of a Preacher. He left home and went to this preacher. He broke away from him after a while. Two of his disciples, you John and Andrew came and followed me.

Later, Peter came along. then we met up with Philip and Nathanael. We were all invited to a wedding in Cana. I showed you my first sign at that wedding. It was a simple sign--turning water into wine.

We left Cana, all of us went down to Capernaum. From there, we went up to Jerusalem. This was my first passover with you, my disciples.

I stayed with you for a long time teaching you of heavenly things.'' He turned to me and said, ''John, you'll be going back to earth and prepare my followers. Let them know what you have seen.''

After he had finished talking, He took me back down to the bay where all the ships were. We got back into the one we came up in and left the mother ship.





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