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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Shawn Winder A Young 14 Year Old Boy Seeks Vengeance On A Man That Killed His Entire Warrior Race Known As The Winders And Along The Way He Reunites With His Old Friends And Enemies

Table of Contents

The Legend

For thousands of years there has been a legend of an evil man and his army destroying the Winder race and leaving a few to spar... Read Chapter


  The Winder's are a peaceful race but very powerful so if they sense a great danger, they could destroy it in the bli... Read Chapter

The Origins

After the banishment of Gregory Winder other Winder's have trained harder just incase he does return for revenge. But the strongest ... Read Chapter

The Beginning Of A Legendary Rivalry

During Shawn and Caroline's time at the acedemy Shawn has been able to show off the same power that he use to show in front of ... Read Chapter

Attack In The Village

Before Shawn and Caroline left the academy they made sure to be well prepared for the trip. They said their good byes and then they were ... Read Chapter

The Rivals Ambush

After five hours of rest Shawn woke up to a bloodcurdling scream. He thought he was dreaming at first but then he realized it was Carolin... Read Chapter

Aiden's Valiant Return

As Asa was about to throw his final blow, Aiden came out of nowhere and stopped him. Aiden grabbed Asa's arm and before As... Read Chapter

The Reunion

"Is that really you?" said Shawn. "Of course it is who else would it be?" said Aiden. Caroline was just standing in shock and silence. "B... Read Chapter

Deadly Training

Once Shawn, Aiden, and Caroline made it back home, They went to bed but morning came faster then expected. This time Shawn woke up b... Read Chapter

Aiden's Next Promise

Shawn was still passed out from training after he got home. "So, do you think he is going to complete his transformation when he needs it... Read Chapter

Rokuro's Attack On Guatemala

Meanwhile at the academy Master Guatemala was continuing to train his finest warriors to help Shawn on his journey. "Come on people if yo... Read Chapter

Corrupted Training

"Caroline, I think I've got a better way to wake him up." Aiden said with a grin on his face. "Lets do it then!" Caroline responded. Aide... Read Chapter

6 Men Never Seen Again

"Either get the hell off my friend or die whats it gonna be?" Shawn asked enraged as can be. "Listen boy I don't care how much your eye c... Read Chapter

Guatemala's Final Words

"Master Guatemala!" Caroline screamed while running over to the weak body on the ground. Shawn and Aiden followed along shocked as can be... Read Chapter

Caroline Stands

As Caroline continued to stand in her position her eyes began glowing just like Shawn's did after being outmatched by six soldiers. "Alri... Read Chapter

The Hard Decision

After defeating one of her greatest opponents ever, Caroline was beginning to get dizzy and started to faint. Shawn jumped in and grabbed... Read Chapter


"Your telling me that you along with the rest of them were defeated by the girl!?" Rokuro asked before punching Trickster down to the gro... Read Chapter

The Confrontation

After hours of running the trail of ash, Shawn and Aiden found themselves outside of a giant cave like base. "The doors locked!" Aiden sh... Read Chapter

A Winder's Rage

"Do you really think that little powerup will work on me?" Rokuro asked in hilarity "Unlike Trickster and the others I'm not foolish!" Ro... Read Chapter

A Note From Dark Wolf

When Shawn and Aiden got home they couldn't believe their eyes. Their house was on fire and neither of them knew what to do. "Caroline!" ... Read Chapter

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