Scars Remain Part 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Family stricken by the most terrible tragedy imaginable. How will they survive and make it through this or will they?

Submitted: September 18, 2017

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Submitted: September 18, 2017



Scars Remain...

It's just the beginning

With a loud sound ringing through the house he suddenly wakes and jumps to his feet. Struggling to grasp what had happened. He knows the sound came from inside their house but what could it be. 
"My children!" He cried loudly and rushed out the door
A few seconds later Tammy who was still lying in bed to terrified to move suddenly heard a shriek that sounded like her husband Thomas. "Thomas!" she yelled down the hall seeing only the light from her son's bedroom.
She started to tremble and walk out the door of their bedroom and slowly down the hall and what she saw when she entered the bedroom of her eldest son was the sight that would change their lives forever. 
Her son was lying dead in the arms of her husband, shot by someone but no-one knows who. She fell to her knees next to Thomas and her son Billy just sobbing deeply. Suddenly she though but what of Jim, her youngest son, where is he, he surely would have rushed in after hearing the loud sound of the gunshot...
The sirens and lights flooded the streets. All the neighbours could see was Tammy and Thomas sitting on the sidewalk barely able to even touch one another.
"Sorry Mr Hall can may I ask you a few questions?" Thomas heard a voice asking from above him.
He looked up with his tear-filled eyes and answered with a nod.
The police officer asked him questions and he answered the best that he could until a question that he never thought of came up "Is this your only child or do you have another child". Startled by the question and also the thought that he had not seen their other son Jim for the whole night. He jumped up and ran towards the house past all the police officers and medics and any other person at the scene of the crime to the bedroom of little Jim. Jim wasn't there....  
The Funeral...
It was the most beautiful sunny day. The grass was the brightest green, flowers of many colours could be seen all around but in the middle of all this beauty was the saddest sight.
Tammy sitting beside her best friend Barbara and her daughter Jane.
Thomas could not be seen among the people...
Thomas could face saying goodbye to Billy just yet. He could not forgive himself because of what happened. He lost both his sons and it was all his fault he felt. 
Barbara put her arms around Tammy holding her tight.
Tammy couldn't even look up, her deep sobs could be heard for miles it seems. Tammy was a beautiful woman, a light red gleam in her rich auburn hair but today she looked old, older than Barbara that could easily be as little as 10 years older than she is. 
"All rise for Judge Peter Madsen"
"You may now be seated"
The courtroom was silent as the death, the atmosphere as dreary as a funeral.
But only until the roaring sound of the judges' voice asked: "Have the jury reached their verdict?"
A man stood up that looks like he lives for his days of jury duty and answered "Yes your honour" and hands a piece of paper to the bailiff who took the paper to the judge.
"Mr Daniels, what is the Jury's verdict?" Asked the judge.
"We find Mr Jim Hall guilty on charges of Voluntary Man Slaughter murder of one Mr Billy Hall on May 12th"
Deep sobs from Tammy Hall could be heard throughout the courtroom as the judge called everyone to order.
"The Jury may now be excused," Said the Judge quite calmly and glared over to Jim standing there not even looking frightened after what had just been said.
"A prison sentence is required for up to 6 years in a Maximum security Juvenile detention centre followed by a 5 - 10-year mandatory sentence in a Maximum security prison. The family will have 10 minutes to say goodbye to Mr Hall and the Officer Leary will escort him to the holding cells where Mr Hall will await his escorted to Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility? in Indiana for the first part of his mandatory sentence. This court is now adjourned" Said the Judge.
Tammy Hall gave a loud sorrowful sob....

© Copyright 2020 Wesley Mahne. All rights reserved.

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