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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

"A room filled with people. Who does all these strange faces belong to? And who am?"

Submitted: September 18, 2017

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Submitted: September 18, 2017




We were 10 people when it started. I cannot tell you how many are left and it all started with a note…


“Hi, I am Derek?”

“No-one cares”

How rude I was trying to be friendly in this confusing situation. Could I even ask what was going on?

“Hi, Derek I am Sherry” An angelic voice, a comforting voice and it came from the lips of the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

How could I say anything to this perfect being of nature? Her sheer beauty knocked my words away. I finally mustered up the courage to speak with her… “I am Volt.” said this mountain of a man suddenly interrupting me before I could speak.

“What brings a lovely thing like you to this shit hole?”

“I don’t know, I just woke up here as I assume all of us did. Interesting name Volt?”

“Yes it’s a nickname, when I was young my dad used to call me that”

“How did you get here Mr Volt”

“No Just call me Volt and like you, I just woke up here” he smiled at here, I could see he likes her.

“I also woke up here.” I said stupidly, no less than a second a voice from behind me said again “I told ya, boy, no-one cares, now go sit in your corner until you are spoken to”

I felt so small, like I was nothing, like an ant. I felt so alone, no-one to help me or even comfort, never had I ever been so confused before in my whole life, looking at all these strange people who I have never met and Sherry. How could one woman be so beautiful?

Suddenly the room went silent, the sound of a door opening filled the room we were in.

A tall man that looked like a toothpick with arms and legs walked in, not uttering a word. He walked over to the man that had been mean to me, gave him a note and left shutting the door behind him.

With a slam, we heard the door being bolted shut

I still am not sure what the note said... 


I am trapped in an office, no windows, no doors to shut. “They're all dead ya know” a voice screeched “There is no point in hiding, I will find you… We will find you”

I could feel my heart pounding here where I stood crouching. I knew it was just a matter of time before they found me. They? Who are They?

I remember the room. I remember being scared and then the walls falling over like they were pieces of paper in the wind. I remember volt helping me to my feet when the commotion started and I also remember the gunshot. It was so loud, so deafening…

I remember Volt laying at my feet. One single bullet hole right between the eyes. This was the first time I had seen someone being killed or at least I think it is. Who was I?  all I could remember was a name. Derek. Was this my name? I felt like I knew nothing.

I wish I could see Sherry once again. Since the walls fell over I never saw her again.

All of a sudden crouching here in the corner I saw them coming. I tried to look upon their face. I tried to get my eyes focused. I can’t see their faces. Oh god, they don’t have faces!


I couldn’t remember what happened next. I remember waking up in the room where it all started.

All alone.


“Where am I!?” I cried out.

“Who am I!?” T cried out yet again.

My voice just echoed off the walls. I was alone. Captive. Hungry. Scared. All alone.

“Derek!” A deep loud voice came from…. Some..where.


“Yes?” I answered.

No reply, It felt like ten hours yet no reply.

What’s that smell?


I remember waking yet again back in the office, no faceless men to be found, not footsteps, just me, all alone.

I stood up and walked to the doorway of the office. Looking carefully out the door. There was no-one.

I walked out into the hallway. This place seems familiar and yet I don’t know why. What is this place?

As I was walking I heard a scream. A woman’s voice shrieking at the top of her lungs. I ran towards the scream, am I dumb for running towards her and then suddenly the scream stopped.

I kept on running towards where I think the sound came from and finally I came towards the end of this long corridor as I turned the corner I couldn’t help but fall to my knees at what I saw. I saw her, Sherry, but not as I remember her from earlier. I saw here arms ripped from her body.

The rest of her body was tied to a chair. She suddenly looked up and started to shriek yet again. Before I could respond two hands came from the wall behind her, took her by the hair and tore her head off. Then another shriek but this time it was from me.

Before I could stand up I felt a hand on my shoulder. “It’s over now”. Said a voice…

© Copyright 2020 Wesley Mahne. All rights reserved.

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