The mysterious house

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Amelia investigates a mysterious house in her hometown which has been the source of many rumors

Submitted: September 19, 2017

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Submitted: September 19, 2017



The mysterious house

The woods around the county jail rustled quickly as the wind surged through. Not much happened in town especially since the few tourists were long since gone. They had been scared off by the long held rumours of the mysterious house that stood at the edge of town. The house in question was said to have been involved in some strange events that had puzzled the town. People who stayed there reported feeling unwelcome and that they weren’t alone. As a result, not many people that visited the town ever really booked the house to stay in. So now the town was basically like a ghost town without the ghosts.

The town of Ruby Springs was actually located in a beautiful part of America, in New York State. The town had a pretty warm climate but it seemed that the rumours were too strong for potential visitors to ignore. Amelia O’Brien had lived in Ruby Springs all her life, having been born and raised there. As a result, she had grown up learning about the mystery and rumours that surrounded the old house.

The town was spread out on a grid that had expanded as more people had moved in. Because of this, the town was very walkable and you could walk from one end of the town to the other end of town in less than thirty minutes. This pleased Amelia who currently didn’t own a car and so was getting around either on foot or by public transport which was very sporadic at the best of times.

Trying to shake off the thoughts of the old house and the town, Amelia thought about why she was currently rushing around on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. As the leader reporter of the local area paper, the Ruby Chronicles Amelia was responsible for ensuring that the main events that happened in town were covered in all aspects. A call had come in early that morning involving news about the old house, so as a result Amelia had been instructed to investigate the old house and scope out any possible news stories about the old house.

Driving along, Amelia wished that she could have convinced any of her colleagues to come with her. But everyone else was suddenly busy when she had asked. Pulling up to the house Amelia was starting to feel a little nervous. Who knew what was lurking in the house. Before she had left work, Amelia had prepared herself but now it didn’t seem to be working. It’s just a house, she thought to herself, yet look at all the rumours and surely they can’t just be all made up. 

Parking the car she had borrowed from one of her colleagues, Amelia looked up at the house which seemed to be very looking very ominous. Locking the car, Amelia walked up the stone path to the front step.The newspaper hadn’t needed to obtain permission as the house was basically considered abandoned. The last people to stay at the house had vacated the house not long after checking in. They hadn’t given a reason, just up and left in the middle of the night. 

Amelia was hoping to find out why.

As Amelia approached the end of the path, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a flashlight. Not knowing what to expect when she went inside, Amelia wanted to be prepared. Amelia walked up the front steps onto the veranda. This is it, she thought to herself. Amelia would finally know what was in the house that scared people away.

There was no turning back now Amelia realised, with one hand on the door knob. Turning the door handle, she realised that she had been right to bring a flashlight. Inside the house, there was no evidence of power in the house. Switching on her flashlight, Amelia was able to see why someone might just up and leave without any explanation. Splashed on the walls was graffiti reading “You’re next.” And “be warned.”

Suppressing a shudder, Amelia continued walking through the house. The furniture all seemed to be in place yet there was a strange feeling hanging over the inside of the house. 

 Amelia continued to the next room, the kitchen by the looks of it. It was covered in dust and the plates were still laid out as though someone had been eating but had left in a huge hurry.

“What had happened here?’’ Amelia though to herself. Slightly apprehensive about what she would discover if she kept exploring further. It looked like the next room was a second lounge room. There were signs of a struggle, cushions were scattered haphazardly over the floor. Amelia was starting to get a bad feeling about this house. She was starting to build up an idea of why people may have up and left. Amelia couldn’t see herself being brave enough to stay even just one night in this house. Amelia disliked horror movies and horror books as well.

Just then Amelia felt herself and the room around her get very cold. Clutching jacket around herself, Amelia shivered. The plan had been for Amelia to spend one night in the house and to report back her findings. Amelia was against this idea, but her editor had been the one to really push the idea. So much so, that the owner of the paper thought it sounded like an excellent story. And now here Amelia was, destined to spend a night in an abandoned house. “What could go wrong.” Amelia though to herself.

Suddenly there was a crash in the next room, Amelia rushed in flashing her torch around the room. Amelia thought it looked like an odd room. There were cushions and blankets scattered everywhere yet there were also clothes laid out as well. “Why are there these clothes laid out but there seems to no one to wear it. The clothes didn’t seem to be very modern which made Amelia think. How long since this house has been properly inhabited.

Amelia knew that there was meant to be two more rooms in the house. Amelia had briefly looked at the house blueprints before she left the newspaper office. Now she was wishing that she had brought the blueprints with her, it could help her navigate the house better. Feeling along the wall, Amelia felt a door frame. “This must be the second last room.” Amelia thought to herself.

It was smaller than the other two rooms, yet it didn’t seem to be as messy as the other rooms. Amelia looked around wondering why this room was so clean.  Had this room been locked up, preserving the original design of the room. Or was there something more sinister going on behind the scenes. 

Amelia was starting to think the rumours might be true.  Why else would there be signs of a struggle in some of the rooms and locked up rooms elsewhere.

Suddenly Amelia heard a bang ring through the house and she jumped about a few feet. What was that, she wondered. Noticing a door that had suddenly appeared, Amelia walked towards the door. That’s strange, I swear there wasn’t a door there before. 
She pushed on the door, not sure if it would open or not. The door gave way easily, giving Amelia access to a dark corridor. She walked down to the end of the corridor and paused for a few seconds. What would she find in there? Amelia wondered.
She continued towards a second door, opening the door as she got closer. Looking inside, Amelia stood still, glancing around the room in wonder. Each wall seemed to be covered in precious metal. What exactly had she wandered into? 
Amelia walked over to the nearest wall and pushed on the wall, hearing a tiny clicking noise as she did so. 

The wall separated, and Amelia found herself able to walk through the two sides of the wall. Where they led and what their purpose was, Amelia had no clue. The passageway straightened as she walked along it.

 Eventually Amelia came to a small door which had a mysterious message inscribed on it, the message read “Beware all those who seek.” 
What did that mean? Amelia wondered to herself. Taking a couple of photos of the door, Amelia was pleased with what she had discovered so far. 

Who knew that this small house could hold so many secrets. She placed the camera back in her pocket and then pulled out a small notebook and pen. Amelia began writing down the information she had learnt so far, including the various doors and passageways. 

She hoped that she would be able to add more to her news story. Amelia was surprised that her editor hadn’t rung yet, he was very hands on and delighted in knowing every details of each story in the news room. 

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