Plates of Fate

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Part I Chapter II

Submitted: September 20, 2017

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Submitted: September 20, 2017



Chapter 2


Mike was stuck in traffic. He thought about his husband. Wondering what people are saying to him. Mike hoped for the best for him. Cars were honking everywhere and Mike gave a big sigh because of that. He was very annoyed but hid it. There was red car right next to him and the guy in it had tattoos all over him and just kept staring at Mike.

“Eh, are you Mike Rantom,” the tattooed man said.

Mike rolled down his window, “yeah… Your point?”

“You are such a---,” Mike rolled up his window and ignored him.

The man threw his cigarette at him and flipped off Mike. Mike was in rage, but had to maintain the rage. Mike threw some vulgar words back. At that instant, he regretted spewing his mouth. The traffic started to move again. The man gave a look and drove off and then got into a car crash. Mike laughed. The man gave a look again.


In his workplace Mike noticed his boss wanting him. Mike’s boss was typically nice, but this time he looked very angry. Mike walked up to his boss Ryan and he guided Mike to his office.

“I see you have made some people very angry. I mean America angry. That puts our business into grave danger because of this. That game show is needed, Mike,” Ryan was a redhead with tons of freckles. He did not look like his age.

“That game show is not needed! All it does is ruin some random person life,” Mike was fuming with anger.

“I hate to say that your brain is no good too,” Ryan holds a piece of paper. “See, the doctor says so. Gay people don’t have straight minds because two males can not make a baby. There is also a new rule where gay people are not allowed to adopt either. Gay families don’t bring good morales.”

Mike did a very shocking laugh, ”So, you're calling me stupid because I am gay?”

Ryan bluntly said, “Yes! You are very ill. I can give you pills that the doctors prescribe me to give you. I know that you are very sick. I am worried about you Mike.” Ryan brings his hand closer to Mike.

“Don’t touch me,” Mike screamed. “You obviously just labeled me. You said labeling is not a good thing!”

“This is not labeling. This is a sickness,” Ryan wraps a tissue around his hand. “I forgot being gay is contagious.”

“I quit! I quit this job. You are a psycho! Being gay is not a contagious disease,” Mike storms off.


People just stared at him. Backing off to the walls so they don’t get this “sickness”.

“What is wrong with all you guys! I thought you were my friends,” Mike screamed. “Are all of you stereotyping gay people because of what I said about this game show!”

No one dare responded. They were afraid to speak up to a gay man.


In Mike’s and Josh’s house.

“Mike! What is wrong with you,” Josh was not happy one bit.

“I didn’t say anything bad except about that show,” Mike crosses his arm in rage.

“You know that the gay rights failed and now that black and gay people are hated entirely,” Josh shook his head in anger. “You need to learn to keep your mouth shut, Mike.”

“I forgot freedom of speech is taken away in America and including our guns,” Mike starts to cry. “Why am I victimized Josh?”

“Not everyone has to like you Mike,” Josh stands and stares.


“I get that. It’s the whole world,” Mike hears a loud thud from the door.

It bangs again, but this time even louder. Mike and Josh turned really silent. There was only this loud thud that kept getting worse. The door was breaking. Mike and Josh were both breathing very heavily. Soon, yelling was heard and the Josh screamed very loudly. He yelled for Mike to run. Mike had no other way to think, but to separate and hide. The swat team is here. Josh was taken down and was knocked out stone cold. Blood spilled all over the floor.


Mike closed in his bedroom closet and hid. He put his hand over his mouth so no one could hear him. Everything got silent. They only thing Mike could hear was the a body dragging on the ground. Not really anything else. The closet door slam open and Mike only saw a baton come right at him. Nothing was going to be clear to him anymore.


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