What Will We Do

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Submitted: September 19, 2017

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Submitted: September 19, 2017



Unfold your hypnosis

cover me with lies.

What will you do

when the tragic clock

strikes nine ?

Out for a midnight run

Two careless vipers

having too much fun.

My years have devoured your seconds.

Too many goodbyes ,

well wasted.

Too many hearts in the wreckage.

What will we do now? ?

I'm packing up my horizon

I'm pawning off that diamond.

For love is forever frozen.

Your on the earth still posing.

What will you do now?

When your sitting

In your widow's weeds

And knitting a blanket

With a sunrise crest?

All alone in the living room

with hair up in berets?

Will you think of me ?

Wonder what your going to do

when everyone forgets ?

Supper has gone cold

the walls have begun to mold .

I am story left untold.

Your a harlot growing old.

What will you do ??

What will I do ?

Now that I have kissed the last goodbye?

Will I find another poison ?

To contaminate my eyes ?

Will I live wild and free ?

Will I ever see the sea ?

Will I look at what I am ?

Will I lay a blanket in the sand ?

Will I paint the black sky blue ?

With a new life by my side ....

What will we do ??...

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