You and Her

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You're up on the stage scared, and she always made you feel safe.

A little fluff piece, I think we all need it.

Submitted: September 19, 2017

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Submitted: September 19, 2017




just breathe

and close your eyes,

escape from this

and remember then.


Escape this filled room,

With all the stares

and all the lights

Remember the darkness

and smiles


Remember how your air mingled,

How hands hesitant

became confident,

Think of that,

Instead of this nightmare.


The nightmare you signed up for,

That you thought you could do,

As you laid down at night,

Singing lullabies,

Into her ear.


Your checks would turn red,

Eyes would cast doubt,

She would pick your chin up,

A smile gracing her freckled cheeks,

And tell you that you could do this.


Up here though,

The people watching,

Your throat seizes up,

But you know that need to,

So you open your eyes.


Nodding to the conductor,

The music starts,

The memories arrive,

Of long night,

And you sing filled with all those emotions.


Your heart picks up,

A smile forms,

And you pause waiting for the last verse,

You close your eyes,

Opening them she's there.


You sing,

Of pain,

Of love,

Most of all though,

Singing sorry for the secrets.


Your eyes shimmering with tears,

You hope she understands,

That you don’t want to hide,

That you wish for those nights,

When it was just you and her.


You finish holding the last note,

Everyone stands up,

But you hold your breath for her,

A smile starts to form,

But you're taken away.


Searching and searching,

But you can’t find her,

Everyone is celebrating,

You hid in the shadows,

Wishing you could celebrate with her.



Floats into your ear,

You turn around,

And the same bright eyes,

That light up your life staring back.



Is all you can say,

This smile hurts,

You don’t care though,

As she smiles back.


Everyone is staring,

But they fade away,

Stepping closer,

Brushing against her face,

You hold her.


She picks your chin up,

Dips down a breath from my lips,

I love you,

Dances around my ears,

She closes the distance.


You pull back,

And think,

I was falling,


Now I am flying.


© Copyright 2019 Jacob Ian Allen. All rights reserved.

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