They took my tree Ma

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Inspired by a photo of a wooden ladder I took. 'cover'.

Submitted: September 19, 2017

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Submitted: September 19, 2017



'They took my tree, Ma'

The keys to my heart are made of paper;

and my door remains open;

open for visitors;

you're welcome anytime of the day and night;


Come see what these walls have turned into;

Grey waters flowing through stones all day long;

one shell;

two shells;

three shells;

all pealed; all shattered; all on the floor;

beware of the cold;

frost bites from those who once were loved ones;

Those whom we trusted;

Those whom we sold ourselves to;

Flesh and bones; they took it all.

An old ladder is my friend;

I'm sure your wood my friend was
once a tall tree all the way up to the

How rotten have you become?

You kept drinking the love they gave
you; till you're soaked in darkness;
utter darkness.

Bring me back my tree, Ma;

They took my tree, Ma;

They took my tree.

Hear me;

Hear the screams rising from my

Hear my pain;

Climb up to the broken no longer existing

The lord once planted a pure heart;

The lord once grew 3 tall trees;

The lord once touched this soul;

The lord once trusted us;

Squeaky steps and heavy hearts;

The eyes fear what might come;

Climb up you miserable broken man;

Climb up you whose trees were

Me and the old man;

Me and my wooden ladder;

They took my tree, Ma;

They took my tree.

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