A Night Home Alone

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My Brother and I Are Home Alone, Our parents Have Left To Vist my Cousins House and Stay over. At midnight we start Hearing Strange and creepy Sounds, the Sound Gets Closer and Closer Every Time.

I Was Home Alone with my Brother. My family has left To Visit my Cousins House in the Evening. My brother and I decided to watch a movie while they were gone, we had a good time together. Then at about 9:00 pm my dad called and told me that they would stay over at my cousin's house tonight, we were bored at that time, so we decided to watch the second part of the movie. At about 11:00 pm we went to sleep.

It was Midnight. I Was Sleeping peacefully When Suddenly I Woke up by the Sound of lightning. I jumped out of Bed and Checked my Watch it was 1:34 am, I looked out the window and Saw that it's Raining Cats And Dogs. I hoped back to bed, then about an hour later, I could hear Strange laughter coming from the hallway!. I Stood up and slowly tiptoed to my brother's room. He was Sleeping, and I heard the same laughter again, I was Shocked. I woke my brother up and told him that I listened to a Strange voice, he didn't believe me, he said that I just imagined that. Suddenly the laughter struck again, and this time it was louder. My Brother Jumped out of bed and hugged me. He was scared as an Elephant who saw a Mouse.

My brother and I went to check the hallway, strangely, no one was there. We went to the kitchen, I grabbed a Knife, and my brother grabbed a bat from the attic. Then we Approached the Hall Slowly. My Brother Gently opened the curtains. "AHHHH" he Screamed falling on the floor, I asked him "What did u see?", he said in a scared voice "I saw the creepiest thing in my life.", "What did you see?!?" I said, "A C-Clown Covered in B-Blood Holding a C-chainsaw," he said Very Scaredly.

We Called 911 Right away, that's when we realize that the phone line has been cut!. We When upstares to my dad's room to get his Gun. We look all over, looked in the closets, Drawers, bags and His clothes, but it wasn't there, turns out it was under his bed. The Clown kept Casing us and Scaring us all night. The next day, My Brother and I Finally Considered Going outside to Confront him. We Looked all around our house, but he wasn't there. My Brother Said that he Might have gone inside from the back door. We then went to the Police station which was a Few Blocks away. The police Checked our House from Top to Bottom and Sadly Found Nothing. It was a Resounding Failure to Catch the clown. The police Thought we imagined everything and didn't take it Seriously, So as our parents. But My Brother and I Still remember it to this very Day.

Submitted: September 20, 2017

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Wow, nice story!

Wed, September 20th, 2017 11:03am

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