Detective Elizabeth

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - A busy day

Submitted: September 20, 2017

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Submitted: September 20, 2017



Creak went the old floorboards jolting Detective Elizabeth from an uneasy sleep. "Sleeping on the job again Elizabeth." Her boss Captain Ryan asked sarcastically. "Just resting my eyes." Replied Elizabeth. She didn't normally fall asleep like this at work but lately she had been run off her feet with all the extra cases that seemed to be popping up. Being a detective in Lakeview meant most of the cases she dealt with were drug related, theft or simple neighbourhood disputes.

Detective Elizabeth had grown up in the local area so understood how the area's reputation often affected people's perceptions of the local residents. Her boss Captain Ryan was a pretty good boss, always there to lend extra advice on cases when need be. Lately the whole squad had been clocking up many extra hours as the last of many drug raids had been carried out. All the extra paperwork had meant Elizabeth had been clocking more overtime than normal. Elizabeth prided herself in giving 100% to each and every case she dealt with as a detective. Detective Elizabeth normally was part of the homicide division but for the last month she had been on loan to the drug squad.

Suddenly Elizabeth was brought back from her thoughts by her partner Detective Ben Matthews, who had been trying to grab her attention about their latest case. A hard worker as well as a great observer, Detective Adams helped balance out Elizabeth’s lesser qualities such as her awkwardness and ability to ramble when nervous. The two of them often swapped good cop, bad cop roles in interviews. “Don’t forget Elizabeth, we have to interview the main suspect of the McKinnon homicide today.” Matthews informed Elizabeth.

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