The Witch of the Dark Forest

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A witch is trying her hardest to survive and decipher the difference between being truly evil and truly good.

It was a dark dark night in the Dark Forest. A night when the widow comes out for hunting season. She whistles as she walks from home too home searching for prey. Do you know what she's hunting for? She hunts for 4 dogs, 4 chickens, and 4 children each night. Each of these ingredients are used in a potion for her to regain her youth. That night she climbed in through a window to retrieve her last child. But there was nobody in the bed or in the closet. Hearing noises she jumped back out the window and landed in a bag full of spikes that had been laying there. Her screams rang out among the forest. As she stopped to take a breath she heard cheering coming from throughout the woods around her. She felt blood pouring out of her new wounds and soaking the bag. She was able to make out some shuffling noises as people came closer.

“FINALLY! We got the witch! She can’t escape her fate now.” Cheering could be heard from a mile away.

Submitted: September 20, 2017

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