Love and hate

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Submitted: September 20, 2017

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Submitted: September 20, 2017



The clock struck 10, "ding,ding,ding.." it went on for 10 times in a row, or should i know as thats what it always did, but failed to get me out of bed. As lazy as i always was, i shrugged under the sheets trying to find my phone. I was hoping that this day would be just like any other weekend, starting with my waking up around noon, breakfast turning to lunch and the usual tv, chit chats and the snack bar. I coudn't imagine any less and especially with the baseball match to be telecasted live. Oh! How i love it! I woudn't miss it for the world, or so i thought. I was about to dive into my bed a little more with the cozy weather outside helping me out, when i felt something move somewhere under the sheets. Hoping to find out, i peeped under to find my phone. "Hate you dammit", ran in my head as i imagined it to be from office and tried opening my eyes a little more wider, the caller id displayed the name. I jumped up at the sight and sat there for a minute deeply lost in thoughts as if it were a dream. Then a sharp pain, Yikes, the previous night Bingo pringles from underneath the sheets kissing my bare skin. Got up and wondered what had happened and saw my phone with unopened notification blinking at me from my finger gaps. I immediately rolled out of bed with the sheets all pushed aside with a heavy kick and the pillow flying to the roof. I swarmed into the washroom to do my chores, came out in a jiffy and looked at myself in the mirror. I could see myself with a big smile glued to my face within the bushes of hair and the last night pizza scraps smiling from beneath. I pulled my chin up and down, wondering if i could clean it up in a day or two. Determined to do it somehow, I pulled out the razer and trimmer. Poof!! i have never cleaned my face that fast. I peeped into the mirror and looked at someone i have never showed the world for so long. That mirror laughed at me reminding of how i had tried personal grooming before and turned into a personal joke all day at the office. This time it was different. I saw a total stranger who seemed to had appeared out of the blue. I stared for a whole minute and then realising that i was getting late ran to put on some clothes. The wardrobe looked like a way to narnia just so had i thought always. Finally i found a dress worth the clean shaving and grooming and slided into the pants and shirt. Swooped up my mobile and ran to the door, locked it behind me, went all the way to the parking, only to realise that there was no wallet in my pants. OH THANK GOD, what could i do wihtout it, and on a day like this too. I ran all the way for a flight of around 300 steps as i lived on the 14th floor. I grabbed my wallet and reached my car. It would normally take around 15 minutes but now all i took was 5 minutes. I wondered how. Proud of my accomplishment, i started my car. Roar... then swift, my car flew out like a jet on the road. My eyes wandered here and there towards the pavement. And there was my the long wait, now seeming to have been born just for me. The flashbacks started to go on in my mind. A fine day i recieved a telegram stating the condition leaving me all frozen in terror. I felt a blackout. It felt like it was just a few minutes before i woke up but then the hospital bill threw me back when i saw that i had been down for 3 months straight.I had moved out of the hospital but nevertheless became a walking dead. I would go on to office, do my duties and come back, no phone calls, no messages, no communication with the outside world. And here i am now, so alive, so out of all that trauma, so... so... tears peeped up from all that sorror i had burried deep within. I parked my car and moved slowly till the silhoutte was clear and in my vicinity. There she stood, with her locks of hair all in a proper braid, her eyes filled with love, her smile all so very mesmerising even more now. I moved in close to feel her face, placed my hands on her cheeks to feel the tears of happiness. She pulled out a letter from her rucksack, handed it out to me. I read. Looked up at her, gave a smile that my face hasnt seen for ages, hugged her, and trudged her wheelchair around and started heading out to our apartment. 'Hi, We would like to apologize for the earlier telegram sent to you informing of the death of your wife serving in the U.S Army. It seemed that she had been trapped in a snow storm while working for a secret mission in the arctic. She was recently found by a rescue team and was in a state of coma for the past 3 months. She has fought very bravely for the U.S Army and is highly honoured for her valour. We are also sorry to inform you that while serving in the army, she has put herself in danger for the sake of saving innocent lives and has lost her legs in the fight. We are very sorry.....' so the letter which flew from off my hand read, as we moved slowly away, happy to be in each other's embrace finally.

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