A Crow Named Midnight

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - We meet again

Submitted: September 20, 2017

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Submitted: September 20, 2017



Another Sunday has gone by, and I feel pretty tired. Working at that new pizza place can be really tiresome. Especially when your boss is your ex-girlfriend’s dad. He gives me only 15 minutes of break when,before I broke up with his daughter, he gave like an hour of break time. He lowered my check by at half so now I only get $10 per hour when I used to get $40 per hour. I’m glad that there are little to none cars around. I suddenly feel something vibrating in my pocket. I reach into my pocket and see it’s my older sister.


”What does she want?” I press onto the message and read it.


”Dear Yakobi, I forgot to get groceries while I was out. I’m wondering if you could be so kind and get some stuff for tonight. BTW  it’s your turn to cook for us :p That’s all I wanna tell you and I love you <3” I put my phone back in my pocket as I turn around and walk in the direction that leads towards the grocerie store.


”Let’s hope they haven’t closed up for tonight.” I start running. After 30 minutes I finally arrive at the grocerie store but as I walk up to the door there is a sign that says,’Sorry, we’re closed’

“Aw man, I hope we have some stuff at home. Maybe I can fix something up for me and her.” as I thought about that. I start walking back as I see an old childhood playground  that I used to play in when I was a little kid

”It sure brings back memories huh?” I say to myself as I smile,”It’s kinda like a shortcut if I go through here. Hopefully, Sis won’t get mad at me if I’m a little bit home. So, I decide to walk through the path that lead to a playground. I look up at the sky and see the full moon shining upon me. The light breeze brushes past me as I see a crow fly past and land at a tree.


”Woah!” I say as I chase after the crow. When I get to the tree the crow landed at. A girl falls from the tree.


”Ow! Next time I should simply try to land on a branch instead of full speed ahead to the tree” she quickly turns around to face me,”Oh! A human!”she passes out on the grass.


”What a weird girl. Let’s see if sis knows what I should do with her.” I take out my phone and dial my sister’s number as she picks up.


”Hello? This is Sakura Rewiki. How can I help you?” her voice sounds like she is either drunk or she recently woke up. I think she is drunk.


”Sis, it’s me Yakori and there is a girl right in front of me but she has passed out. What should I do?” I ask her as there is a moment of silence



”Yakori Sakir Rewiki ! You better bring your butt back home. Before I make sure your butt is at home for the next 4 months! Bring the girl with you!” she hangs up on me.


”What was that? Why does she want to bring the girl with me?” I ask myself as I look back at the girl,”Well I better bring her with me but the question is how am I supposed to carry her home without it looking suspicious?” I think about it over and over again until I realize,”I should just call Mindy and have her pick me and the girl up.” I take out my phone again and dial Mindy’s number. It takes a while until I finally hear.


”Hi! This Mindy Baker! Who is this?” the tone of her voice is so happy and calm.


”Looks like someone is in a good mood. Anyways, it’s Yakori and I need a favor.” I can hear a few sighs as she says.


”What’s the favor?” I let out a sigh as I exclaim.


”Can you come and pick me up?” there is a moment of silence as she starts laughing.


”Sure thing! Where are you at?”. I look around before I answer.


”The old playground we used to play at with Wendy and Jakobi, remember?” she sighs.


”Isn’t that place 5 minutes away from your place?” she asks as I expected.


”Yeah but I need you to come get me. Please Mindy.” I can hear her let out a deep sigh.


”Alright, I’ll be there in 10 minutes or less. Be breezy until I get there.” she hangs up. I put my phone back in my pocket as I go and look at the girl, who is still uncouscious on the ground next to a tree. Her hair is black, long and wavy like the dark night sky. She seems to have a few scratches and cuts all over body,”I wonder what she has done to get these marks.” I continue to examine the girl as I look at her right shoulder and see a black cresent moon mark,”Odd. Looks like a burn mark or maybe it’s a tattoo? Where did she come from? Why is she naked?” I ask myself as a bright light being shined upon me,”What the hell?” I get up and turn to see where the light is coming as I see it’s Mindy’s Volvo 360.


”Come on! Slowpokey Yakori!” yup it sure is Mindy’s voice.


”Come here!” I signal her to come to me. She cuts off her car and walks towards me,”Woah, you look great! Where you on a date with Paul? Or is there a special occasion you were at?” I ask as I see Mindy walking towards me wearing a V-neck, black dress that went down to her upper thighs, and black high heels. She laughs sarcastically.


”Ha ha, I broke up with Paul two days ago. I was on a date with a guy named Michael. But hey I’m always ready to help a friend. FYI, I don’t like these heels at all. So, what do you need my help?” she looks over at the girl as she see looks back at me,”Yakori! What is she doing here?! I knew you were depressed about Olivia but I didn’t know you would try to do stuff like this to an innocent girl?! Ho-” I lightly hit her on the head as she grunts,”Ow.” I sigh.


”Relax. This is the way I found her. For your information, I am already passed Olivia. Anyways, I was walking through here and I saw a crow pass right by me and hit this tree, then suddenly this girl fell from the tree. She spoke for like a second and then passed out.” I tell her as I look at Mindy with a serious expression.

”Well I’ll carry her to the car. Is Sakura at the house?” I nod as a ‘yes’.


”She is most likely counting in how long it’s been since I called her.” We both laugh at that.


”You are pretty sad, ya know?” she tosses me her high heel shoes as I catch them and she walks over to the girl and lifts her up on her back,”You sure you didn’t do anything to her. Cause she stinks like your bedroom when you forget to clean.” she laughs as she carries the girl on her back.


”No I didn’t and isn’t she heavy for you to carry her?” I ask as I give off a worried look.


”Nah, she is pretty light if you ask me. She like as light as a feather. Kinda like how you were when we were little kids and I had to carry your crying self to your place.” it’s kinda embarrassing to know that she still remembers that. I raise my hands a bit in defeat.


”For a girl you were pretty strong to be carrying me all the way home.” she turns back to look at me with fierceness in her eyes.


”I’m still pretty strong ya know? After all I am the captain of the soccer team, the basketball team, and softball team.”she says as she turns back around towards her car. I follow her as I look at the girl I can slightly hear her say.


”Take me……”so I guess she can still talk even while unconscious. Mindy unlocks the car as I open the passenger door. She carefully puts the girl in the car as the girl lays on the seats.


”There now let’s get you and this girl to your place.” Mindy says as I get in the front passenger seat and she gets on the driver seat. We close our doors as she starts the car and drives away from the parking area.


”So, school is about to start. 12th grade is our final year of highschool you excited?” she asks me as she stops at an intersection.


”I don’t know about excited. Since I don’t know what I’m going to do afterwards.” she makes a right as we pass by a gas station.


”Isn’t your mom a famous actress?” she asks me.


”Yeah and my dad is a businessman. They have gone overseas for almost 3 years and yet they never sent a mail to me or Sakura.” she sighs as she stops the car by my house.


”But don’t they want you to follow in one of their footsteps, so their legacy can continue?” I scratch the back of my head.


”Yeah, but it’s mostly my dad that wants me to become the next heir to his company. He said that if I don’t choose between the career of my father or the career of my mother by the time I graduate from high school, then he would forget that I even exist and that he would change my last name to something else.” she looks at me with her eyes fully wide as if they were about to pop out of her head.


”Woah, that’s harsh.” I simply shrug.


”It doesn’t matter to me. After all, I’m still me even if my last name is changed.” she laughs a bit.

”That’s true. Maybe, he should change it to Slow Pokey as your last name.” I laugh sarcastically.


”Very funny. Mind helping me out with another favor?” I get out of the car as I point at my house.


”You want help with your sister?” I nod as I shiver in fear when I hear the door open


”Yakori! Here! Now!” my sister shouts as I turn to look and see that her strap to her night tank top is down and her pants are still up and her expression doesn’t look happy.


”I gotcha just head in and talk it over with her. I’ll be there in a sec.” she seems so reassured about it. But I can only believe in her. I start walking towards my sister. My legs are shaking,”Stop shaking! I might get beaten by her if this continues! Then again I still am gonna be beaten.”I say to myself,


”Yo! How’s it been sis?’ I say to my sister as she quickly kicks me in the stomach,


”You’re late Idiot!!” I’m sent flying back to the car. Mindy walks up to my sister as she suddenly changes attitude,


”Oh! Hello Mindy! I’m sorry that you saw that. I didn’t know that the girl he was talking about was you. Please forgive me!” her innocent expression and the way she bows can get really annoying. It’s like she has two personalities living in one body. I slowly get up as I open the door to the backseat and see the girl is still unconscious.


”Well, there is a girl in the car at the moment. She’s out for the count but she seems to be catching a cold and she doesn’t look to be from around here. Mind if she stays here for the night?”I hear Mindy ask my sister as I look at the both of them.


”Hmm, sure. But you know how I am with people that I don’t know or have heard about.” she crosses her arms.


”I know but she is a nice person to be around. I trust her. So, let me help Yakori with the girl and then I’ll be off.” Mindy turns to walk towards me.


”I’ve convinced her. But you get her out ASAP before she suspects something.” I nod as I turn back to the girl and lift her onto my back,”Huh? She really is light like a feather.” I say to myself as I  carry her to my house as Mindy waves to me goodbye. As I walk in the house I see trash everywhere, bottles and cans,


”What in the world happened here?! It looks like a tornado came in here! Sis!” I quickly turn around to see that she has disappeared,”Sis! Get back here before I call Mom and Dad!” I shout as she comes back with guilty look on her face,


”Sorry brother. I was a bit drunk and well you should know what happens rest.” she looks down as if she had done something wrong,


”So, you were illegally drinking and ended up messing the house is that right?” I can tell her younger sister personality has been out for a while. Ever since we were little after our little sister had disappeared her personalities had switched into two. But her original personality is being mean and abusive towards me but her fake personality is being sweet and innocent towards me but protective towards me. It’s like the fake personality is really attached to me. Well, the original personality is kinda attached to me but it’s a different kind of attachment. The weird part about it is that they know of each other's existence but they don’t share memories,but I don’t believe that.


”I wasn’t illegally drinking. I’m 23 remember?” she looks at me as I pat her on head.


“That’s Sakura  who’s 23. You’re Imari who’s actually 23 but acts like 16.” I named her Imari so I wouldn’t get confused on which personality Sakura is.


”I know but you know better than to be drinking on a Sunday.” I hit her lightly on the head as I walk over to the living room and put the girl on the couch.


”There. Now I’m off to bed.” I let out a yawn as I see Imari staring intensively at the girl,”Who’s this girl?” she  looks at me as I shrug my shoulders.


”Don’t know. I found her by the tree ,on the old playground that we used to play at remember?” I wonder if Imari is aware that she is only an extra personality.


”I’m sorry brother. But I’m starting to get really sleepy and I think Sakura is sleepy as well. I’m gonna go sleep while I still can,”she  yawns and rubs her eye as she heads upstairs.


”Alright Imari. See you tomorrow.” I say as I yawn and scratch the back of my head and looks over at the girl as see that she is shivering from the breeze that’s blowing in from the front door that was wide open,”Oh crap!” I quickly rush over and close the door and lock it,”There now I need to get her a cover.” as I turn back around I see the girl has disappeared from the couch,”What the-”before I could finish I felt something sharp by the my neck.


”Not a another word or you’ll head will be rolling around and Sakura gets to see another head rolling.” her voice sounded like I’ve heard of it before but who do I know that has that kind of tone of voice? I raise my hands up.


”Woah, let’s be reasonable here. Hold on. I know who you are”,I quickly elbow her on the stomach as I grab onto the knife,”we meet again Tarai Midnight.” she falls to the floor in pain as she coughs.


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