The Touch of the Sun and Moon

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Submitted: September 20, 2017

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Submitted: September 20, 2017



Luis Aguilar


February 20, 2016

The Touch of the Sunrise & Moonlight

Being born in this world has its promises and its disappointments already set in motion. We have to be ready of what might and what must come to our future.

I look at this place to be a holy grail to an extent of what I might call home. That’s not the case though for I have already been lost in its beauty. I move forward on the boardwalk and stare at the glimmering golden sunset with eyes looking up to the father in the heavens and thank him with a laughing smile. His grace on this beautiful sight keeps me going onward towards what seems like an endless walkway of mystery and excitement. My eyes gaze upon the rising moon filling the ocean with shining light through the darkness. My trail along the boardwalk has come to end and has led me to an enormous rain forest that frightens me with its large structural figure.

 As I took a step toward this monstrous path already I felt a chill up my entire body. I had this feeling of sadness, fear, and despair whispering along with the cold air coming from the forest. I was paralyzed in fear and wouldn’t move away nor toward what seemed to be my hell to be. My entire body shaking, I couldn’t say anything to protect me from what evil may be inside. My thought came to a close when the sun rapidly rises and blinds me entirely to the point where I feel unconscious. I begin to regain consciousness; my vision is a blur though; all I see is a bright light with a humanlike shaped figure coming towards me. My vision was still a blur but I heard a sound coming from the figure. It was muffled so I focused what the mysterious figure was trying to say but as I begin to focus on the sound, my vision began to regain itself and the picture becoming clear to me of who the figure was. I closed my eyes and waited for my angelic figure to speak again. . . . My child! Awake from your slumber! My heart raced as I arise from bed only to hug my angelic figure to only call my caring, loving, and Angelic Mother.

Through the years I have wanted to visit the same paradise but have been overcome with fear, but regret has had a bigger impact on my mind. I waited for the presence of nightfall so I may sleep and meet with structure of my hell. My eyes shut as if sewed shut. My vision is blanked but then filled with my paradise. I started walking onward on the boardwalk straight to the darkness. As I get closer, the sun rapidly sets and the moon emerges as if it was from the ocean. My path had come to end for I have arrived to my destination. The view of my hell was just as I left it, but as I look at closely I find it to be less frightening. The cold breeze still sends shivers up my body, but not so much to put me in a mindset of fear. I felt warm inside which puts me in shock for I’m standing right in front of my hell.

I was lost for words to comprehend why I felt the way did. This was the darkness in the far end of my mind! Why I am not frightened? Why haven’t I been awaken to return to reality? With every question I grew more frustrated until I said to myself NO MORE!! I began to step towards my long awaiting demons inside my hell. As soon as I walk into the forest, my vision started to go black. My body started to shake making me think that I’ve already been consumed or defeated by my darkness. My vision begins to recover however. As I gain full recovery of my vision, I was expecting a terrifying beast or the Devil himself to approach me; but instead I found something more… heartwarming to my surprise. The darkness I thought to be my hell was actually just a gateway to an even bigger paradise. The moonlights reflection shines upon the lake guiding me like a lantern. My heart started to race with excitement for I’ve been blinded by my judgment to see that there was such beauty inside such a dark mysterious forest.

I decided that all that has happened was indeed heartwarming, but I thought that its time I awoke from my slumber. I laid down on the soft green grass with the moon shining over me like a nightlight. Only something strange was happening. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t wake up. Could morning not past yet? Is the night still young? So many questions inside my head with no answers until a dark figure emerged from the ground. It walked up slowly toward me putting my body in an extreme frighten state. I was coming to realizing that could this figure be my hell inside this paradise? The dark figure stopped moving towards me. I couldn’t speak as I brace for the inevitable. All of a sudden I feel a warm aura coming from the figure. The figure had a spark of light on its center. It started to grow, clearing out all the darkness from its body. I started to see that the figure was starting to look like… a woman. The light blinded me as the figure had been encased with light. I felt a warm and gentle hand on my cheek. She speaks words that were muffled but it was enough to put me in tears for the voice was a familiar one; one that I haven’t heard for many years. The light quickly dims and the woman’s figure becomes clear. She repeats the words that I missed as soon my eyes opened. My eyes full of tear when I saw who I was looking at and heard the most Angelic voice. “Welcome home my child.”

Now I see why I cannot return to my reality. It’s because I’m already living the reality of my new life on this world I know to call my paradise, my home, my dream come true. My mother took my hand with a smile so bright. Her hands were so soft I found it hard to believe that I would find her in a place like this. Way back when on her final day she said that she would find her own paradise. Those words kept floating in my head. It bothered me to some extent that got me believing that this wasn’t my mother. She was probably some angel of heaven to have the image of my mother. That was all washed away when she took me to where she sleeps. A huge gallery of her long lived life. All the images I saw put my heart to flutter for these images were from my past as well. My conclusion to all this was clear; she is my Angelic mother and this is where I was meant to be forever and ever.


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