Learning to Survive

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Story Time!

Submitted: September 20, 2017

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Submitted: September 20, 2017



You want to hear my story? Again? Well, ok, but remember you asked for this, so no asking me to stop in the middle or ignoring me. Got that? Ok, now where should I start? Oh, I know!

It began when I ran away to the forest, where met Ivon and Hoti- You want me to start earlier than that? Ok, Then.

Everything started when I woke, not knowing where I was; first thing I saw was a tired, broken down boy staring back at me- Before that too? Ok, where do you want me to start bossy? Ah, that I can do, let's start this story over.

I was a feisty kid, to be honest, I didn’t back down from anything given to me. I lived with my twin brother, Sky, in a huge, fancy house, almost like a mansion.

My dad was Avery Xalo, a strong, confident leader of the Sky Army, he dedicated his life to protect against Hero Brine, Sky’s dad. Hero was, ironically, not a hero, he was like a space pirate, wanting to take over this world, and Avery was like guardian or a police officer, fighting Hero.

Both me and my brother grew up with mom, ignorant of our dad’s fights most of our childhood. She protected us from them, a kind, beautiful woman who loved both of them equally. We lost her when we turned seven, the chaos came inside and corrupted the pure. Our father’s were off in war, and neither could retrieve us, so we went to Little Smiles Orphanage, there were no smiles.

We made friends there, Aaron Einar, ten years old, Max Harbin, eight years old, and Lucinda Harbin, four years old.

When we heard that our fathers were going to acquire us, we planned an escape in an aggregation of five, and before either came we took flight onto the streets. Not in degradation though, we did it with our heads held high, refusing to look back on the broken building.

“I’m hungry!” squealed the smallest, her pumpkin hair tangling as she rolled around with a dusty blanket around her.

Her brother groaned, “We know! Aaron and I are working on it, but no one wants to hire a ten year old or an eight year old!”

It had been a week since we escaped. We found an abandoned two story house near the end of the city, and took shelter in it, hoping not to be forced out later.

I looked up from the book I was reading, Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark, and suggested an option, “I can go help Mrs. Shell at the library for some sandwiches, she is very kind letting me borrow books without a guardian.”

The boy in an oversized white t-shirt and shorts thought it over, hazel eyes squinting, then replied, head shaking, “No. It’s a good idea, but since both Aaron and Sky are gone you wouldn’t have a buddy to go with.”

“What about you?” I prompted.

“I have to stay with Lu.”

“Why can’t both of you come?” I said, knowing it would push my luck.

Lucinda, who had stopped to listen to our conversation, grew a big smile on her face and yelled, “Yeah! We can all go, big bwother!” hopping up and down vigorously.

The usually disheveled Max was now straightening his clothes and combing his ginger hair the best an eight year old could. Looking back at us, he gave a questioning stare, “Well? Tidy up before we go at least, I’d like to look presentable for someone nice to us.”

I had won! We get to go to the library! I can’t find my pants…. “Has anyone seen my- oof- thank you!”

After I changed, I went to grab a white ribbon out of one the drawers in the kitchen, then went back to the living room to help Max. He was brushing out the knots in Lu’s hair as she sat in his lap, messing with the dress-like shirt she wore. When released she ran to me, and I tied the ribbon around her waist. Now, the large, pink shirt she wore, meant for an adult male, looked even more like a dress on her small body.

“Lu, go put on your shoes and Draco go get your bag- did you not brush your tail?” Max was standing by the doorway, alreading ready.

I skipped to him, the fox tail he spoke of, definitely not brushed, swayed side to side, sometimes hitting my bag. It weighed heavy against me, holding a dictionary, two mangas, two fiction books, a sketchpad, a pack of colored pencils, three pencils, and my library card.

I loved my bag; the baby pink complemented by a sunny yellow, how it could carry so much, and the fact that it looked so joyful!

The hot head narrowed his eyes, he didn’t like being ignored or looking bad in public. Sparing a glance to the scarlet eyed girl, who was blocking the exit, I backed away slowly.

Being a fox hybrid, my ears and tail were super sensitive, so, naturally, I hate them being touched, even worse brushed.

On that subject, this was a world consisting of a variety of species that could walk the walk and talk the talk. I, as stated previously, am a fox hybrid. Fox hybrids, like other hybrids, are a subspecies of humans. Witches, Wizards(they are different), and people who can use magic obtained through their genes are also human subspecies. Sorcerers, Bajans, Warriors, and others who have obtained magic through the soul or artificially, while thought to be human subspecies as well, are not.

Also inhabiting this planet is an endangered species, who came to this planet on space ships, called Baccas. They look like humans-bear-animal-things, they are covered head to toe in fur, have an animal snout, animal ears, an animal tail or tails, and a mixture of paws and human limbs as their hands and feet. As far as I’ve heard, their are only one or two, at most, pure-blooded Baccas.

Back to the situation at hand, Max was now sitting on my back to pin me in place and brushing the tangled mess pinned by Lucinda’s tiny hands.

When the act of treachery was over and done with we walked through the empty streets until reaching the nearest speed bus stop.

Speed buses were like buses, but not, they ran through the entire city, not just the center, they were much faster as well, only problem is you had to pay for them. Lucky for us, children ten and under could ride free, letting us access to the entire city without paying a cent.

“Mornin’ fellas, and I see princess Lucinda has accompanied you on this fine day. Where to?” The bus driver greeted us, tipping his hat to us as we stole the seats directly behind him. Me in the window seat and Lu in Max’s lap next to me.

“Good morning, sir. We’re going to library today.” Max responded, buckling us to the seats. He was always polite with his seniors, it was puzzling how he managed to do it all the time, even when they were super mean. For example, teenagers.

In the blink of an eye, we had arrived at the library. The huge building stood outside the bus, looking same as always. I was still in awe at the speed and efficiency of the bus, never had it failed us, in exchange, we end up feeling like our stomachs are going to empty themselves afterwards.

“Do be kind to Mrs. Shell, she has enough to do as is.” With that we said our farewells and exited the bus.

Without waiting for either red-head, I sprinted into the building of magic, dreams, and knowledge.

I walked around, I knew not to run or be loud, searching for Mrs. Shell. Said lady was pushing a cart overflowing with books between shelves G & H in the Teens/Young Adult section. Her blond hair was in a messy-bun, emerald eyes scanning the shelves around her, she wore a white button-up flannel shirt with skinny jeans.

“Good morning Mrs. Shell!” I greeted, forgetting where I was as I skipped to her.

“Right back at you, Mrs. Xalo.” She bounced back, turning to look at me.

“Want to make a bargain? It’ll be worth while.” She liked making bets and bartering deals, so I hoped the plan would work.

She halted, crossed her arms, and put on a grin as she straightened her back. “Oh, Yeah? Tell me the terms, and I’ll think about it~”

I’ve got her now! Just need to use facts. “Well, you have a full plate of stuff that you need to do, but the library still needs to get done, despite that, and I need to take on a temporary job, so why not hire me?” Pull her in. “We would both get what we want, you, some help, and me, some money. How ‘bout it?”

Her face didn’t change…. I can’t tell if I won…. poo….

I wasn’t going to show anything that told others I had lost, so I looked Mrs. Shell in the eyes, a big smile on my face. Being challenged was loads of fun, so was challenging.

'Man, this isn't going to work! This has to work, otherwise I'll make Max dissapointed, and I was so confedent, too! What should I do-!'

"Ok, then." I saw the way her eyes softened, giving me a firn answer as she gave a small smile.

"If you agree on one silver and four bronze coins as payment, we have a deal." She spoke, reaching out her hand, ready to seal the deal.

"That's.... fourteen bronze coins?" I mumbled into my hand, stuggling to remember what Aaron taught me about money.

"It's a deal!" Spirnting back to Max and Lu, I told them of my success, as I was the first to get a job.

This was going to be a good year. My seventh year.

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