The Nomads' Tales

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The land of Caballia is a land where lords and ladies gather in their great halls, passing gossips and threats, fighting each other through words and wits, vying against each other for power. This
is not their tales. This is the tales of the Nomads. This is the tales of people who live in the Great Plans, of the people who graze the world on their horses, never stay in one place for too
long, ever so ignorant of what the high nobles are doing with their lives. But when the struggle of the high-borns killed one of their leaders, the nomads called for blood. And war is seemingly
upon the two vastly different civilisation. And amidst this inevitable and endless war, a clan of vigilance and unyielding people is caught in the world of plots, lies, and betrayals, amidst
problems that can't be solve through violence nor valour. This is their tales.

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Submitted: September 21, 2017

King Angvin of Blackstorm lied dead at the bank of Iris Run, his army crushed, his body drained of all life, and the very river is painte... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 24, 2017

The blazing and unforgiving sun whipped down Ajin's bare tanned back as he stealthily made his way through the plain of tall grasses that... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 25, 2017

Maaya looked at her handcrafted bow and she frowned. The bow looked ridiculous and crooked, and her arrows, which she crafted by herself,... Read Chapter

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