Origins Of Anari Fett

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Join Anari Fett as he travels through space and time with the emperor and his apprentice. Anari Fett searches for his destiny, but every time he gets close, it fades away. Read this Science Fiction
short story to find out what happens to Anari Fett on his journey to find his destiny.



Origins Of Anari Fett





It was a dark and stormy night on Mandalore, the rain beating on the metal roof sounded like wolves howling for one another. The wind was thrashing at windows and wooden houses that still stood in the storm. Silently through the night, Bebe Fett sprang from rooftop to rooftop, trying to make it home in time for a special delivery. Meanwhile at home, Rosa Fett incoherently waits for her husband's arrival. Bebe knocked through the door so hard, the hinges almost came off with it. Rosa cries, “Bebe, you need to take it out now, I won't last much longer”. Bebe knew what she meant by this, he drew his blade from his sheath and said, “Don't you worry my love, the pain will soon be over”. “One last thing before I go”, Rosa cried. “What is it my love?”, said Bebe. Rosa said in almost a whisper, “Promise me you will take care of our child”. Bebe watched as his love swept from this world into another, he knew he had to act fast if he was going to save their child. He ever so slightly cut a perfect circle around the child that sat in his loves stomach. Bebe picked up his newborn child with a touch of simplicity he had never done before. “I Promise”, Bebe said as he stepped over debris into the unforgiving journey called life.


Part 1

*Eighteen Years Later*


Eighteen years had past since Anari’s mother had died that unforgiving night. He sat upright in his rock solid bed, thinking about what had happened in his life so far. Bebe walked into the room speaking to Anari, but he did not hear him as of that moment. “Are you even listening to me?”, Bebe said holding a wooden staff in one hand, and armor in the other. “Sorry, I was thinking”, Anari said. “Thinking about what?”, Bebe said with a hint of confusion in his voice. “It was nothing”, Anari said. “Whatever, It’s time for training. Get dressed and hurry out here”, Bebe said as he tossed Anari the armor and wooden staff. Anari got dressed in almost no time at all, and ran out to the grassy field, where they trained. “Today, we will be practicing hand to hand combat”, Bebe said as both him and Anari circled a ring they had made a few years ago. Anari said with confidence in his voice, “Trust me old man, You have taught me everything you know already. I’m pretty sure I can even beat you now”. “Don’t be too sure child, I have just taught you everything you need to know”, Bebe said as him and Anari began to spar. “I see you still have your moves old man”, Anari said. “You are good Anari, I will give you that. But not good enough to beat me, yet”, Bebe said as he striked Anari to the ground. Bebe reached a hand out for Anari, but immediately pulled it away and said, “Your enemy will not give you a helping hand, They will do everything in their power to completely and ultimately destroy you”.


After dinner, Bebe brought Anari to the forbidden room, where Anari had never been allowed into before. Bebe said as he pulled a key from his pocket, and unlocked the door, “You are ready my son, I have been training you so hard for these many years to protect you, and to give you a purpose”. Anari could not move, he had been waiting for so long to see what was behind this door, now that he was here he could not speak nor move. “Go on my child, your destiny awaits”, Bebe said as he opened the door, and ushered Anari inside. Anari walked inside, but turned his head to see the door close behind him and a *Click* of locks locking. Anari walked through the halls of the long narrow corridor. When Anari reached the end of the corridor, there was a scanner on the wall next to the door that read “Press Me”. Anari showed a confused expression as he pressed the button on the wall. All of a sudden, a voice sound familiar to his father’s said “Voice Recognition Needed”. Anari understood what this meant, as his father many years ago once said, “One day you will need to tell the great stone who you truly are”. “I am the one who walks among the shadows, I am why people fear what they do not see, I am one of the Fetts, I am the one who will live long and prosper forever, as my trust is not easily gained, and takes seconds to break. I am Anari Fett.” A voice coming from inside the walls says in a mellotone voice, “Access granted, my son”. Anari dragged his hands against the walls as he walked along another corridor, that lead to a door reinforced by mandalorian armor. Anari began to have another flashback, this time he was brought back to a time his father had given him a key that was shaped like some kind of logo. Anari had wore that necklace ever since his father had given it to him, it gave him hope and confidence. He took the key from around his neck and put it in the keyhole, the key fit perfectly in the lock. Anari turned the key, and the door opened automatically. Anari walked through the doorway, and found himself in a room that was divided into three sections. The left section was an entire arsenal of weapons made from Mandalorian iron. In the right section was a library with over 10,000 books. In the center of it all, was a large book engraved with a title that read, “Missions From Another World”. This book was surrounded by three large book cases, the first one labeled, “Training”, the second one, “Journey”, and the third one “Flying”. Anari looked astonished, as he stared at the middle section. In the middle section laid a complete set of Mandalorian armor, forged from Mandalorian iron.


30 minutes had passed since Anari had found the final section, he had been putting on the armor and filling out his arsenal with the weapons that laid before him. Right after he had finished putting his book of “Missions” in his sack, he heard a scream that sounded like his father. Anari immediately turned his head in confusion. He realized what he heard, and started to run past the mandalorian door, past the voice recognition code, and past the long corridor into the hallway. He was too late, he found his father lying in the hallway with stab wounds all over his body. Anari said with anger in his voice “Who did this to you!?” “You will find the answer you are seeking, when you finish your quests. But, promise me one thing.” Bebe said with compassion in his voice. “Whatever it is father, I promise” Anari said. “Promise me, you will not flip to the next page in the book, without completing the previous one” Bebe said, his voice fading in and out. “I Promise father, I promise” Anari said, realizing his father had passed from this world into another, as his mother had 18 years ago. Anari pulled out the book of “Missions” and flipped to the first page. The title read “The Night Mothers”.


Part 3

*Two Years Later*


Anari was sent to recover an artifact from the night mothers room. A cauldron used to perform incredible force magic. He was surprised to find it in ruin. But none the less he searched the rubble. As he ripped chunks of stone and rock from the site. He pressed a button on his head, “BOP BOP BOOP”. He clicked the button under his helmet’s antenna and activated thermal vision. And he was shocked beyond all belief to see a child. The boy must have been 12 years old, judging from his size. He lifted the rocks that should have smashed the boy’s body to paste, and noticed that they were all floating. Just feet from his body. He threw them to the side. He then took a knee and lifted the boy up. He wore nothing but a tattered blanket wrapped around his lower section. He then looked to where the boy had been laid. And saw the cauldron he had been sent to acquire. It was shattered. Anari used a holocom to inform his buyer the cauldron had been destroyed. He decided to leave the boy out of it. He lifted the boy who still seemed in a catatonic trance of sorts. They went over to his ship, and they blasted off. As they were about to break the atmosphere Anari looked out the window and saw a little Zabrakian boy watch as they slowly left his prison.


The boy jerked up, his eyes glowing. One a vibrant yellow. The other a neon green. They slowly faded to a dark blue. Anari looked back and saw the boy staring at him. He said, “What's your name boy? And why the hell were you down there.”, he set the ship to auto pilot and sat in front of the boy. The kid stared off into nothing, seeming deep in thought. Anari was intrigued but impatient, “you know how to speak? Come on give me something”. The boy stood up and put his hand on Anari’s forehead. He then fell back on his ass and looked again into space. But this time he spoke “I didn't recognize your language. I am only, or was rather, fluent in the native tongue of Dathomir. I thank you for freeing me, but I know not my name.” Anari stood up, and got close to the kid’s face. The boy looked up, showing not the slightest intonation of fear. He said,  “Well I ain't sure what to do with you. I am on my way to korriban, but I ain't cruel enough to leave you there”. The boy looked up, “why not?”. “Korriban is where the sith live. Children there are generally sent against their will to become skilled darkside users”. Anari said. The boy laid his head on the bed, and spoke once more before falling asleep, “Wake me when we get there…. And you may call me… Satora”.


The ship lurched to a stop as they landed on the desert planet. Anari opened the cargo hold and began to quietly leave the ship, he decided he wouldn't risk the kid getting caught up in this shit. Anari was maybe fifty feet from the ship when he paused to looked back. No kid. He was clear to go to his employer. He turned his head and there was Satora, looking quite bemused. “I told you to wake me”, he said with a hint of anger in his voice. Anari just grunted and kept walking. The two arrived in the Emperor’s chambers. He greeted them and informed Anari he had bad news. “It seems that our target killed himself for us. He stole from the hutts and they had him eaten by rancor babies”, the Emperor said. “So I came out here for nothing?”, Anari said notably upset. But Anari knew better than to say something too rude towards the emperor, unless he wanted to be a heap of ashes on the floor. The emperor looked to the boy and back at *Anari*. “Interested in selling your little slave here? I sense a strangely foggy yet very powerful connection to the force in him”. Satora stared at the emperor with sudden hatred Anari had never seen. “I. Am. No. Slave!”, and he then pointed his hand at Anari in a very rude gesture. The emperor frowned and said “Perhaps you were. Perhaps not. But now, you will die”, he pointed his hand at Satora. A blast of purple lightning exploding from his finger tips. Anari turned his head, believing he was about to die, as well as the hot headed kid. When Anari acknowledged he still lived, he turned his head to see Satora casually holding his hand up and seemingly absorbing the lighting into his palm. The emperor was just as shocked as he felt. His face going from annoyance, to what was only distinguishable as morbid terror. Satora began laughing as lightning surged from his own fingers, and the emperor’s body now a husk. The royal guards didn't dare move, and simply took a knee. Satora smiled and said, “what is it called when you take something in great quantities?”

“Well… I guess it's like when a farmer reaps his crops?” Satora smiled even wider as he said this. “That is my name. Reaper. Reaper Satora. Or you may simply call me...Emperor.”. “And for you Bounty Hunter, what is your name?” Reaper said. “My name is Anari Fett, at your brethren service”, Anari said as he took a knee to the new emperor.


The emperor was kind to Anari, he gave him almost all of the necessities he needed. When Anari was back at his new room, he pulled out “The book¨ and flipped to the first page. The page was titled “The Night Mothers”, Anari took out a red pen and crossed out the page with a big red X. He then flipped to the next page to find it blank. In small print in the corner of the page read, “Write Your Own Destiny”. Anari smiled at this, he put the book back in his bag, took off his helmet, and laid to rest. Longing for the journey that awaited him.


Part 4

*One Year Later*


One year had passed since Anari and Reaper met. Anari had been given the most difficult bounties one could have. Nevertheless, Anari turned in successful, every single time. In return for his great deeds, Reaper awarded him with new ships and shiny medals. Reaper had grown on Anari, and vice versa. The two were like brothers with each other, always helping each other out if need be, or even protecting each other in times of harm.


Every day that Anari was not hunting, he was training. Anari now 21, had become more powerful than he ever thought before. For instance, he could shoot a target dummy 300 meters away with a pistol, without aiming. He could climb up 100 foot walls in 10 seconds flat. He had become the most powerful bounty hunter of his time.


One day the emperor's voice approached Anari with his head draped low. He talked in a raspy like tone, almost as if he was nervous. He said, “The emperor needs your ship for a excursion.” Anari shook his head almost in confusion. This was very strange, for one the emperor had his own fleet of ships, why would he needs Anari’s? Anari would not question this, he reached into his pocket, grabbed the keys, and handed them to the emperor’s voice. “Thank you”, the emperor's voice said in a low monotone voice. “Any time”, Anari said. Something bothered Anari as he walked off towards his bunks, the vibe he gave off didn’t settle with Anari.


A day or two had passed without hearing word from the emperor, no one had. Anari then remembered he had installed a tracking chip on the ship, in case someone ever stole it. He then picked up his data pad on his night stand, and realized his ship's distress beacon was on. Anari immediately knew something was wrong. He quickly got up from where he was sitting, and sprinted towards the main hangar bay. Halfway to the hangar bay he was stopped by the emperor’s voice. He said, “Where are you headed off to at this hour?” Anari could sense something was off. He said in a firm tone, “That is none of your business.” “Fair enough”, the emperor’s voice said as he stepped to the side to let Anari through. When Anari reached the hangar bay, he quickly jumped into one of his spare ships and entered hyperspace almost instantaneously.


Anari had been in hyperspace for 30 minutes before he had gotten to the ping on his tracker.  When he exited hyperspace, he was shocked. His ship had been blown to pieces “REAPER”, he cried to himself. Anari sent his cruiser over to the debris of his ship, he knew this had now turned into a rescue mission. All of a sudden, he came onto a piece of cockpit that was seemingly intact, he sealed up his suit and entered the void of space. When Anari reached the debris, he saw a fairly young boy sitting in the cockpit corner, one arm missing, and a part of his face torn apart. Anari began to fill with many different emotions. Anger, fear, hate, but he not allow himself to cry. He would not dishonor his family, not again. Anari’s voice had turned cold, and it filled with anger. He said, “WHERE IS REAPER!” The boy pointed ever so slowly to a flying torso in space. This time he could not hold it back, tears began to fall down Anari’s face, as he floated towards Reaper’s remaining pieces. Anari scavenged as many of Reapers body pieces he could find. On his way back to the spare ship, Anari pointed to the boy and mouthed “Let’s go.” The boy followed Anari, as he too was slowly dying on the inside. Inside his ship, Anari took Reaper’s remaining pieces and the boy to the surgical room. Anari had his team of medical robots rebuild the boy a new prosthetic arm, and a new cyborg face. Anari also had the medical team reconstruct Reaper’s body, to prepare him for the funeral he deserved. When the reconstruction had finished, Anari headed back to Korriban.


When Anari reached Korriban, he made sure Reaper’s body was carried to the Sith council first. When Anari reached the sith council everything went quiet. Arani waited for kind words. Tears. Farewell wishes. As this was custom when a good friend has passed. The man who had been Reaper’s voice cleared his throat. Then. He started laughing. They were all laughing. The voice then took a seat on the throne and said “The plan worked. I knew the Jedi would appreciate an opportunity to kill both a evil renegade Jedi. And the emperor at once. I tricked reaper into heading towards a republic fleet. Now he is dead, And I shall rule”. The man walked towards Reaper’s body, he then went to take his saber. The new emperor looked around the room, Smiling. Then he felt a jolt of pain. He looked down, And saw his hand was gone. Not singed like a saber had cut it, But ripped off almost like a wild beast had done it. Blood dripped from the new talons on Reaper’s hands,  A force repulse sent all the council members flying back. And Reaper. Got. Up.


He blasted everyone near him with lightning. Killing everyone, except Arani, the boy, and his voice. Reaper looked at the boy, and motioned with his head towards the Voice. The boy smiled, picked up a lightsaber from one of the dead council members. Igniting it, he swung at Reaper’s old voice, slicing him in two. His saber extinguished, the boy took a knee in front of Reaper. He looked at Reaper smiling, “ The name is Zane. Please teach me!”

Reaper looked at his new hands. His new body. And he looked at his new Sith.

“Very well… my apprentice”.


Part 5


Submitted: September 22, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Spicy Spicer. All rights reserved.

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