What it is, it isn't

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He is not the tramp on the corner pelted by rain

He is not the discards of old school lunches

The bleach stain on your shirt causing pink discoloration

That pen in your bag that doesn’t work but you won’t throw away

The pencil you always sharpen, that always breaks

He is not the old laces on worn shoes

That random stain on your carpet you can’t get up

The empty jar of peanut butter you keep because?

Bread hidden away in dark cupboards, you remembered it!

and then...

You forgot it again….

He is not as useless as the clumpy nail polish you keep

He is not as forgetful as the spoiling milk hidden behind frozen eggs

He is not as plain as the while tiles of dusty edged bathroom floors

He’s not as sly as rough thumbs fingering your bra strap

As quiet as church at night

As bright as your child’s first laughter

He is not what you don’t see through rose colored glasses

Submitted: September 22, 2017

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