Last Cursed Friendship

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Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



Bonded within the same feeling

Looking the same way together

A friendship never withered

That gone through hard times


All our share

All our words

All our experience

All never limited to us


That day, your thought change me

Always cheer me up

The world that I build

Became stronger because of you


Unstable mind, all those changed

The curse crafted by our friendship

Behind every word and turn we make

The road we see soon never be same


Twisted craze thought killed my emotions

All the heavy burden shared together

All the sin pressed our

Whatever we do, all is late


All we left is just the aftermath

Our life looks to down again

Facing the ground we always step

As our curse still grip to us


The memory we share became our nightmare

The speech we said become our mock

All the things we share become worse

That leave deep cuts, between our cure


The haunting will always forever near me

Same world, same world, same

Our hello starts it all

As our fate branched into nothingness.


Our goodbye means nothing

Our battle means nothing

Our lives mean nothing

All our life now is empty


Maybe we shouldn't meet at first

But we never escape from life

Maybe from start, we've been cursed

Forever never be disappear

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