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This is a poem about Sedna, a minor planet, founded on 14th November 2003.

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



Sedna, the most distant planet,

In our solar system,

Is very cold I bet,

Out there on the rim.


She's the goddess of the deep ocean,

She brings men and things to ruin.

In your chart, she's no fun,

It is better having our moon.


She was stubborn, young and beautiful,

Refusing to marry any one who came along,

She was like a bull,

Courageous and strong.


One day, a bird disguised as a man

Asked for her hand.

She accepted the marriage bann,

And with her husband, left the land.


Later, her father came to see,

If his daughter was safe and happy.

He found her in a sad state,

He took her away, he couldn't wait.


The husband came and found her gone,

He took his rod and his horn,

And went upon the sea,

Let come whatever may be.


He sighted the father's boat,

In the middle of a storm, afloat.

The father threw his daughter overboard,

The one and only he adored.


She climbed to get back in,

The father wouldn 't let her win.

He knew it was a sin,

Still he smashed her on the chin.


He chopped her fingers one by one,

Until he was done.

Sedna sank to the bottom of the sea,

 Forever there she would be.

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