Elk Ridge

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Elk Ridge is an ongoing collection of chapters that will show the lives of several families in the town of Elk Ridge. Their is a little bit of everything that will be shown. From romance to
mysteries to shocking plot twists. The story will be reminiscent of a soap opera.

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



Vanessa Chambers sat staring at the painting on the wall. It was the newest addition to her family's home. A three hundred thousand dollar addition. She never understood why her parents would decide to spend that much money on something to sit in their home when they could use that money to do something good for someone else. God knows that her family had plenty of money to go around thanks to her father's successful career in property acquistion. Jameson Chambers job description simplified down to the fact that he bought homes and small businesses out from under people and turned them into hotels or malls. Since they had moved to Elk Ridge two years ago he had turned the once small sleepy town to a thriving tourist attraction...albeit to the detriment of all the families that had run all the little shops in the town for years. She once asked her father whether he felt bad for ruining other people's livelihoods. She still shudders at the slight snicker he gave her as he called her a silly girl. Her father was ruthless when it came to business and she often wonder if he even had a heart. 

"Vanessa, which one do you prefer?" Her mother, Abigail Parks Chambers, asked as she held up two sparkling dresses. 

She had completely zoned out of the ruckus around her. Her mother was picking out their dresses for the gala next week. The event was in honor of the town's newest Mayor, Bo Lewis. The Lewis family had been close to the Chambers for years and everyone knew that it was her father's help...money...that helped get him elected. Bo's daughter Madison was Vanessa's best friend since they were children. 

"I like the blue one." She finally said looking up at the choices her mother had picked out. 

Her mother's face twisted in the snooty way it does and she shook her head. "No. I don't think that's the one. I think the black one will do. It's more slimming, darling." 

Vanessa rolled eyes as her mother sat the black halter dress aside and continue to browse. She grabbed her phone and sent a quick text to Madison. "Mother, I am going to meet Madison."

"Alright, just be back for dinner darling." She said absently as she moved on to peruse the pile of shoes in front of her.
"That's excellent, Mr. Mayor." Jameson Chambers said slyly as he leaned back in his chair and propped his feet on his mahongony desk. "We will see you then." He looked up as the door opened to his office and his business partner Alec Mitchell walked in the room followed by Claire Soto, the secretary. Jameson sat up and hung up the phone. 

"Alec, how was the meeting with Mr. James?" He asked.

"It went well. He is going to call in tomorrow with his final offer." He told him smiling. 

Claire stepped forward and sat a folder on the desk. "Here are the notes from the meeting, Mr. Chambers."

"Thank you, Claire." He said reaching for the folder. "You can go now."

"Yes, sir." She turned and walked through the door closing it behind her. 

"The ass on that one." Jameson smiled at Alec as he sat down. Alec and everyone knew that Jameson liked his pretty secretarys.

"So, have you decided what you want to do about Rodriguez?" Alec asked.

"That bastard thinks that he can come into this town that I have put so much work into and start taking over. I think we all know that he can't win against us." He said sternly. "I won't let him." 

"I've got some ideas to go over with you. They'll blow him out of the water." Alec smiled.
Claire hugged the folder close to her chest as she entered the building. She stopped short from her destination at the receptionist's desk. "I believe he is expecting me."

"Yes. Right this way, ma'am." The woman stood and went to the office behind her. "Sir, Ms. Soto is here."

The big booming voice came out loud and clear from behind the thick wood door. "Let her in."

Claire smoothed past the woman and waited for the door to close behind her. "I have something for you." She waved the folder at the man. "Number two in command had some ideas on his computer that I thought you'd like to have." 

The man waited for her to hand the folder to him but when she didn't move. He stood with a smirk and walked over to where she was standing. He took the folder from her hand and said curtly "Thank you." 

Claire cleared her throat in expectation. "I believe that this set up was an even trade, Mr. Rodriguez."

"Yes, it was." He said opening a drawer in his desk and pulling out his checkbook. He scribbled onto the pad and ripped one of the checks out. "Here you go."

She stepped forward and took the check. "This is not what I was promised." She spat angrily. 

"I'm going to need a little more than this for that amount of money Ms. Soto. Come back with something else and you'll get the rest."

"Look, I wouldn't screw with me. I could just tell them what's going on." 

Tate let out a slight laugh that didn't reach his cold eyes. "Little girl you don't know who or what you are messing with. I suggest you run along before you make me do something that you will regret."

Claire turned jaw clinched and stormed out of the office and past the receptionist. She looked at the check and shook her head. How did she get involved in such a mess. 
Vanessa walked beside Madison as they walked to the town square. "I want some ice cream." She said just to spite her mother for her comment earlier. 

"Sounds good to me." Madison chirped as she linked her arm with Vanessa's. She suddenly stopped them both in their tracks. "Yummy." She pointed at the boy further down the walkway. His shaggy blonde hair was blowing in the slight breeze they had. "What I would do to him." She laughed. 

"Aren't you still dating that Max guy from your school?"

"He still thinks that." She gave her a smirk.

Vanessa laughed and shook her head. "You are awful." She had known Madison since she was a child and she loved her, but lord that girl was a little slutty. 

"Come on, let's go say hello." Madison said as she started to drag her down the walkway. 
As they came upon him another boy came out of the pub he was standing near. Vanessa watched in a slight fascination as he walked over to the blonde and patted him on the back. He looked similar to the boy but with darker hair. They had to be related somehow. He was cuter than the blonde she thought as they neared closer. 
"Hello boys." Madison said in an overly sweet tone. "Nice day we are having."

The blonde instantly smiled and nodded. "Why yes it is." 

Vanessa watched as the other boy rolled his eyes at the spectacle which made her smile. 

"I'm Madison." She said with an outstretched hand. 

"Blake." He said shaking her hand. "This is my cousin Clark." 

Clark nodded towards her and then turned his eyes to Vanessa. "And you are?" 

"Vanessa." She said with a quick smile. 

Clark looked her up and down noting the high priced name brand clothing that she was wearing. He knew exactly who she was. He had seen her and her family around town. His family was one of the lucky ones that didn't lose their business when the Chambers came to town. His family had owned Ramsey's Pub for years when his great grandpa opened it. His father would never sell to anyone...especially someone like Jameson Chambers. 

Vanessa watched as he gave her the once over. She shifted slightly and elbowed Madison to get going. 

"We were about to go get some ice cream. Would you boys like to join us?" Madison smiled sweetly reaching up to twirl a piece of her long blonde hair. 

"Sure. Why not?" Blake smiled.

Both Vanessa and Clark internally sighed as they followed behind the two love birds to the ice cream shop. 

To be continued

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