Time flies

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I'm not old, but I feel old.

My back hurts, my body is heavy.

My nights restless, My days rushed.

I feel like I lost my time.

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



I remember waking up at six in the morning

Feeling full of youth, vigor and life, now I'm left mourning


I remember going to school at seven, it was still dark

But I wasn't sleepy or exhausted, I felt energetic, filled with a spark


When I think back it all seems so far away, so unreachable

Back then I thought I could do everything, everything being achievable


I remember the Mondays, I used to be all exited for the week

But time flies fast, it has left me weak


I remember the Fridays, I was so happy to stay up late

Now I go to bed earlier, already at seven or eight


When I think back to my youth I know it hasn't been that long

But many choices I made left me broken and weak, I did so much wrong


I remember every hour passing much too quick,

wanting to only have fun kept me going, no matter if I was healthy or sick


I remember every month being much too long,

I wanted my pocket money for new games and Pokemon cards that were strong


When I think about my past it seemed so bright during my childhood

Am I still the same person as that kid that thought life was good?


I remember so many friends and family members

Quite clearly even, most of them lost to time or embers.


I remember playing care free and with laughs

Hearing “happy birthday” and being on photographs


When I think back... I cry, for time flied much too fast

I only want to be happy again like in the past


I don't remember when it all changed, when my life got this low

maybe it was too fast and I noticed nothing, or it happened quietly and slow


I don't remember when I noticed, maybe I never really did.

Maybe I still don't, it could be a memory I myself had hid


When I think about it my heart hurts, I feel like I'm not myself anymore,

Now I can only silently mourn for the time lost, having lost all love and vigor.


I don't want to waste more time, I already wasted too much

let me stop time, or rewind it to correct my mistakes with my own touch


I'm scared of getting older,

I'm not ready, I can't carry this burden on my shoulder


Let me be young again, or let me die.

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