What is Left of Us

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Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



Angel Ford sat at the edge of the bridge. The water was cool as it touched her bare foot. She could hear a howling in the distance. The air was cool and moist. She saw swarms of colors reflect of the surface of the water as the sun met its zeneth. 

The birds hummed witha lazy tone. The world was at beautiful point, a point in which Angel wanted it to stay. But the world was an enemy. It took her family her freinds and now she sat and watched the sunset. She heard a soft moan in the distance and she knew they were coming. 

This is what the world created.  She thought as she pulled out a knife.

It was as if everything that was good about the world just a few moments ago was gone. The sun was switched with the moon and the birds stopped. The lake was no longer making the noises. Everything had stopped except the moan.

She heard the creature coming closer and closer as the moaning grew louder. She trembled backwards and stepped on a stick. A loud crack echoed through the forest. She started to hear more and more moans. She looked to her left to see ghostly red eyes staring at her theough the fog that started to boil up. 

Red eyes that peirced through her very soul. Then more red eyes flashed on all around her. She tightened her grip on the knife and her knuckles turned white. She had one last breath as they all jumped at her the evil creatures finished of Angel Ford. The last sound to ever come out of her mouth was loud scream that evry victim of the world let out before silence that lasted forever.

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