The cursed Legend

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This legend is not for the faint of hearted

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



There was a legend of a great danger that no one would dare to listen to it, or if one hears it they are imminently cursed. That is until they fight through a massive dungeon and kill the beast at the end. Then I came into town a newbie in town who did not know of the legend so I heard the legend and I got cursed.




The curse started off not noticeable but it grows worse than he appeared. The despicable person who created the curse pulls me into this purple and blue swirly portal it was slimy. He brought me to his dungeon and bellowed in a stomach-turning voice “you have to fight through all my minions and defeat me and nobody has done that ever so good luck you will need it”. Then I pass out for no reason.



I wake up at the entrance of the Dungun it is a giant castle that has fountains that spurt out blood instead of water. I thought I was going to hurl but nothing. I was next to a room with mirrors I looked and my full body was blood red and my eyes and hair were purple I screamed: “what had he done to me what happens if this is permeant what will my parents think”.

I started to walk in the open castle and the whiff of burning flesh court my nose but for some reason I did not react to it like I did the blood fountains I tackled all the monsters and after a million close calls I reached the final door and I was excited to get out of this place and finally see my parents.


Finally, I can defeat the hideous beast that did this to me he will die before my hands at least that was the original thought. When I opened the gate what I saw was not him but the corpses of humans and a voice echoed through the room saying, “well done I thought you would have died at the first monster you will be most useful”.


Suddenly, I turned into a devil with wings and I had fully changed from human to beast. All that I cared about I didn’t care so I was a slave. until someone better arrived. It could be years of melena’s until that happens it is a very low chance it will happen.


Then years went by and I was free from the prison but when I went back to my house I had wings. So, if you're reading this do not ever listen to anyone telling the legend it is real and it ruined my life and if you listen to it this may happen to you. Or maybe you're one of the unlucky ones and then you will die.


Just remember not all escape from his grasps you are always cursed but I can fly to school it is a shame they are not invisible. I can also never go to church because of the devil thing which is a shame. My mum and dad are ok with this they were worried sick because I was gone for one year and a half. There just glad I’m home safe. So, I guess that is my story my legend which has no curse. My life has changed for better and for worse. Overall least I can have a fantastic tail to tell my kids if they believe it or not.

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