Hospital Hostility

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Trapped with a demonic presence is never fun. This is a short story/prologue to a larger full size novel I may write, with an interesting twist you may see near the end. Enjoy!

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



AUTHORS NOTE: This story is currently on hiatus. I don't know when - or if - I will continue it. I would like to, but currently, my priority is laid with my newer, current novels. 


Piercing through the blinding white light of the hospital hallways was a vague shadow of black, its features blurry and faded as it quickly chased me down. The soft click-clack of my bare feet combined with the frantic deep breaths I took made an interesting symphony, no doubt pleasuring the demonic creature hunting me. I look over my shoulder hesitantly as I slow my pace, and much to my surprise, the black presence was nowhere to be seen...

"Fuck" I curse to myself, while yes, I was no longer being chased and could look for an escape, I had no idea where the enemy was. For all I knew, it could've been toying with me sadistically, enjoying my fear and terror. I take a deep breath and look above me, a sign hung lazily from the sterile white ceiling. It said the exit was to the right, at the end of the hallway, but we all know hospitals are mazes, surely I would have to make my way through most likely the entire hospital. Not to mention the hallway was dauntingly long, dotted in rooms, some open and some closed. I strafe to the left wall and walk slowly and quietly. Deep down I knew my efforts of stealth were in vain, I mean, I was fleeing some supernatural demon-esque creature, but I took comfort in trying to hide. I had always been more the flight than fight kind of person.

The entire hospital was vacant and completely silent, furthering my anxiety as I walked through the hall. I was perplexed as to why it was bare of patients, when I arrived it was bustling with sick and injured, now they completely disappear? Though I was unconscious for some amount of time, perhaps they evacuated the hospital or something along those lines and simply forgot me, or ignored me, as I always was. Frankly, I was surprised someone took the time to call 911 when they found me half dead in an alleyway. Regardless, now wasn't the time to feel sorry for myself, maybe I could try again once I was out of here, I was sick of it all but going out by unknown evil forces was not my style. The light above me flickers and pops before going out entirely, thoroughly scaring the piss out of me as I flinch and nearly let out a screech. Much to my surprise, I managed to hold it in as I regained composure, once again walking down the hallway. I turn right as I reach the end of the hallway and freeze in my tracks.

"God damn it" I curse under my breath as I look into the pitch black expanse in front of me, a faint red light far off in the distance, what I presumed was a door. My luck was about as good as a rancid pile of shit these days... Once again realizing I was going off topic, I push my thoughts aside and decide to look behind me, and of course, that hallway was illuminated beautifully in white light. Suddenly my blood runs ice cold as I feel a gust of cool air run past me calmly. My breaths quicken as I feel my chest tightening, my knees weak as I struggle to stand.

"You run in vain little girl" a voice rings out, it sounded normal enough but strangely I couldn't pinpoint where it came from, it sounded like it came from above me, below me, and all around me, Hell even inside my head if you want. I flinch at the sound as I look around frantically, trying to spot the...thing chasing me.

"Why are you doing this?" I managed to croak out of my tightened throat, anxiety was a hell of a thing... Not surprisingly, no response, thankfully. I force myself to take a step into the darkness, disregarding fears hug and my bladders threats. After a few steps, I manage to calm down a bit, other than the frigid breeze brushing past me every now and then and the utter darkness, it wasn't so bad. Step after step I took, all uneventful. Soon enough I reached the end of the hallway, that faint red light now a blazing fire reading "LOBBY" in bold letters. I sigh in a bit of comfort as I grab hold of the door handle, 'clink clink', once again, 'clink clink'. Of course, the doors locked, what did I expect? Suddenly I find my feet carrying me at surprising speed back down the dark hallway, nearly tripping on random items on the floor as I clumsily, but quickly, made my re-retreat.

"Son of a bitch!" I lunge out in pain as I feel my foot slam into something cold and hard, sending me tumbling in pain on the cold hard floor, though I did manage to slide the rest of the way into the lit part of the hallway. I bite my lip in pain as I hesitantly look down to my left foot, noticing a large gash in my shin as well as a couple of broken toes, walking was a bit of a long-shot now. For some reason, I felt compelled to look back into the dark hallway, instantly regretting it as I see a tall shadowy figure staring back from the far part of the hallway. It was pure black and wispy, with what looked like a black robe on. Its eyes were a faint light purple and they pierced into my soul, causing goosebumps to rise on my skin, as well as the hair on my spine to stand on end. I gulp loudly as I attempt to break eye contact, turning my attention to standing up and half-assedly attempting to flee.

"You're an asshole!" I spit out in anger at the creature, though it didn't flinch, not to my surprise, my voice wasn't exactly intimidating. Realizing I wasn't going to intimidate the ghastly figure, I manage to stand, flinching at the small amount of weight I put on the foot.


Watching her writhe in pain and terror gave me almost a sense of arousal, much to my curiosity, my other victims simply entertained me before sating my hunger. Perhaps it was her physical attractiveness, or her sense of determination, she was by human standards fairly pretty. Long black hair, green eyes, full lips, if I were a meat-sack, I might have had interest in courting her, but alas, poltergeists don't court mortals. After all, it was the nurses who injected me with a bit too much of whatever they injected, so you could say I had a bit of a hatred towards women. Especially pretty young ones, they made my blood boil. For too long I simply sat back, throwing a chair or a glass of water at the wall every now and then. Now it was my time for vengeance, and oh it was magnificent, watching the screams of agony and terror as I ripped them limb from limb. The nurses and young were the best of course, a combination of their innocence and expressions made me unbelievably entertained. None of them could compare to this fiery young girl however, it was almost like cat and mouse, except I was allowing her to flee. Was all a game for me, and it was nearing time to end it. I was becoming tired of it.

"Tell me, child, what is your name?" I call out, my ghastly monotone voice filling every crevice of the entire hospital, effectively concealing my location, not that it mattered anyway.

"Go fuck yourself!" she rebuts, her sass simply making me smile. I liked this one, killing her wouldn't be out of anger but out of pleasure. I flow forward, approaching her quickly as I watch her terrified expression. She takes a step back, flinching in pain before attempting to run, falling onto her hands as she put weight on her mangled foot. I reach down, extending my nearly translucent arm and take hold of her neck, bringing her upwards to look into my face. I will never forget that look of pure absolute terror, tears welling in her eyes as she wriggled to free herself.

"Please! Let me go!" she cries out, causing me pleasure as I gripped her a bit tighter, not enough to choke her but enough to let her know I had no intentions of letting her free.

"Do you know why I am doing this?" I ask, merely out of pleasure, I didn't quite care if she knew or not.

"No" she manages to croak out, tears falling from her face as she realized her hopelessness.

"Because, I want to" I quietly hiss at her before tossing her forward, watching her connect with the floor and tumble a few feet before wheezing in pain. Suddenly my chest tightens and I feel something... Guilt? Nonsense. Why would I be guilty? I wanted this.

"Please, just kill me" she whimpers in pain and hopelessness, causing me to clench my metaphorical jaw. No... There was no way this was a reality. Do poltergeists have nightmares, I wonder?

I unintentionally lower myself to the floor, gracing the floor with my feet as I stare at this girl, who had taken notice of my sudden change. She looked at me curiously, and much to my surprise, almost with a look of pity or sympathy. Surely I was imagining things, I had attempted to kill her, quite brutally and torturously I might add. She had to have hatred and resentment for me.

"My name was once David" I croak out completely against my will, cursing myself afterward. She perks up curiously, taking notice of my change in tone.

"I... I'm Kat" she wheezes out weakly, flinching in pain as she did so. Her ribs were most likely broken, I had tossed her nearly fifteen feet.

"I'm not going to kill you, Kat. Do you know what a poltergeist is?" I speak clearly, my once normal human voice coming through slightly.

"Evil spirits, usually from tortured souls, I think," she says weakly and wearily, still untrusting of my intentions and rightfully so.

"Indeed" I simply reply before flowing forward, unintentionally menacingly as I notice her eyes widen with fear once more. I scoop her up, placing both arms underneath her as I flow towards the emergency portion of the hospital, coincidentally I was quite knowledgeable in the medical field.


I must've passed out, because now the death-bringing terror monger chasing me was carrying me almost lovingly towards the emergency portion of the hospital, but I could swear this was real, as fucking weird as it was, I could feel his hands, if you want to call them that, on my back and legs, his chest as he held me, and the warmth radiating from his body, which was the oddest. Before it was ice cold and stung, now it was warm and comforting. Whatever the hell was happening, I was terrified. First chance I got, I was gone.

Finally, we arrive in the emergency part of the hospital, and... David... brings we towards the first room 'he' sees available. Surprisingly, it was clean and unused, the bed actually looked comfortable.

"Why did you stop?" I ask, my tone serious as I looked upwards, slightly intimidated by his face. It was demonic and evil, but I could see sympathy in it.

"I don't know, I simply lost interest in harming you" David replies, his answer not exactly comforting me.

"You realize once I can flee I'm going to right?" I reply hastily, my words having more hostility than I intended.

"I won't stop you, after this, I'm going to attempt to leave as well. I'm done with this hateful life, before what had happened I was just a normal person" David says, and I could tell it was genuine. I decided it was best I shut up, for now, I'd have an opportunity to flee later.

David sets me down on the hospital bed gently, before telepathically bringing over an assortment of medical implements. My eyes widen in fear as he takes hold of a few tools.

"Apologies for this Kat," he says quietly before raising his hand, causing me to blackout.


The bandages weren't the prettiest, but they were sturdy and would hold. It was time for me to leave, and begin something new. Of course, this was assuming I could in fact leave, I had heard the rumors of spirits not being able to leave their place of death. Regardless, I would try and definitely hope.

I flew through the hallways quickly, just now noticing the loneliness I had caused, and I was hit with a second wave of guilt. All the people I had massacred, the terror and pain I caused. I was a monster... All for what? A bit of revenge because of an accident? Disgusting. I shook my head in anger towards myself as I continued flying.

"You deserve nothing but the fires of Hell, you truly are a monster" I spit at myself as I phase through the wall. Years of residing here had taught me the layout quite well, I knew exactly where to phase through and where hallways lead, which is what made my torturous games so easy. As I pass into the open room, I see the entrance to the hospital, the sliding doors completely painted in blood and gore.

"Here goes nothing..." I say quietly as I flow forwards towards it and to my surprise...

I passed through...

© Copyright 2018 T. E. Jackson. All rights reserved.

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