Frozen Ashes

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Soft like snow and fierce like fire, yet both can be forged into nature's blade.

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



As the harsh winter air snuck through the opening of the dark wooden windowsill, a young girl laid in front of a gentle fire that sparkled in the dimly lit room. The crafty cold air crept towards her slouched figure as she let her eyes fall into the heat of the flame. It reached out at her with its talons, but was forced back by a wave of light that surrounded her. It retracted its claws, and crept back towards the opening in the small ligneous room. It waited and watched as the girl sat alone with the raging beast guarding her from all sides.

The room was silent with only the roar of the fire to comfort her as she sat in a ball and rested her head on her arms. Her toes curled at the warmth its light gave off, and her eyes dared not to blink despite how bright its flame was. Its hand caressed her face gently as her lips laid parted from one another, broken apart by its beauty.

The edges of her lips slowly started to curve upwards, but were rudely interrupted by a thud from behind. The fire jumped backwards, and clenched tighter to her essence as the new year stepped down from the window, his arms clenching to his jacket as his body trembled. The girl kept her gaze fixated on the fire, refusing to acknowledge his existence as snow dripped from his slim stature and his round pale face. His eyes were filled with a hazy mist as if all the color had been drained from his soul. He had a tight white jacket with a flashing tree that no longer gave off light on its cover, which clenched to his body and head as the strings to his hood hung far and freely. His shoes were covered in white, and his layered jeans were soaked with snow dripping to the floor in chunks.

“I’m so cold,” his voice quivered, his small teeth clanging against one another as he spoke. The girl kept quiet. “I’m so cold,” he said once more. The girl kept quiet. “Can I sit by the fire?” She perked her chin up and turned towards him slowly, her eyes wide with a spark flickering within her keen glare. The sly smile that had disappeared from her before had returned with bliss.

“I don’t mind,” she turned her grin away and back towards the wary fire. It receded back into its stone furnace, making way for the boy as he inched slowly towards the two. He eased his way towards the rugged rug that had been withered and torn with age, its golden edges having all but been gone by the ashy outlining stretching from its silk. He brought his knees to his chest and mirrored the girl as the two gazed deeply into the fire. The bitter winter air wrapped its arms around the boy’s chest as the fire held his head in its arms.

Silence fell over the room once more, for all they could hear was the howl of the wind and the crackle of the fire. The inky black sky lingered behind the clouds that settled over the blizzard that raged on outside the faded wooden house. Cars could be heard creeping down the icy covered road, and sirens could be heard in the distance. But the room was silent. Children could be heard playing around in the snow, their laughter echoing across the night. But the room was silent. Melodies of delight and love were carried across the winter gales, caressing the edges of the ashy wood that pushed the foundation together. But the room was silent.

Suddenly, the girl turned to the silent boy whom sat like a frail statue in the wind. She snickered at his longing stare, and smiled as she gazed deeply into his misty eyes. “The fire,” Her voice sizzled as the fire painted itself on the side of her eyes. “There’s no fire in your eyes. Shouldn’t your heart be warm?” His body froze. He turned slowly towards her, cocking his head like an owl with an intense glare piercing through her wide eyes.

“Shouldn’t your heart be smothered in ashes?” He spoke. “Or did you lose it while you were dancing in the flames?”

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