Lysergic Light

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A young man, home alone, decides to experiment with some LSD. But he isn't aware of the strangers hiding in his garden.

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



Lysergic Light

Finally finishing my week of school, i felt such an ecstacy run through me whilst walking home on the friday. I just wanted to get home. They say its a week at school but it feels like a month. I was about 5 minutes from reaching my house when out the corner of my eye I spotted two kids from my school who were in a couple of my classes laughing and recording something with their phone. The route to my house correlated to where these kids were up to something, so I had to walk past anyway. Upon walking towards them I noticed the young boy they were forcing to hug a lampost, all at the same time they were laughing and recording. I tried to ignore it but it infuriated me to the point where i stormed over to the two boys. I grabbed the phone and smashed it on the ground, quicker than he could react.

"What the fuck did you just do?" the owner of the phone reacted, getting into my face. I kept eye contact with him as he swung his fist out towards my chin, and connected cleanly. I stumbled back, with more built up rage than sense, as i realise i was outnumbered. The boy who punched me proceeded to come closer again, my guess was for another hit by his fist. My prediction was correct but this time I caught the hand as it was a couple centimetres from my face and twisted it around his hip through to his back, knowing full well i could pull it out of place.

"You leave the boy alone," I whispered as i applied more intense pressure. "You leave him alone or i'll break every phone i see you with and then your hand afterwards."

I was so caught up in the moment i forgot he had a friend. I also didn't notice his friend had a small pen knife on him. I turned around to see the shiny metalic blade, thinking to myself the only time we can be brave is when we are in fear. Before he could advance the knife closer to me, to everybodies suprise the lampost hugger from before had slipped up behind him and hit him over the head with a pair of football boots he brought in for his match at school. Metal studs tend to hurt, and the knife-wielder dropped to the floor like a ton of bricks. I looked up to my saviour and gave him a friendly nod.

Finally arriving home, i had to calm down after what happened. I flopped onto the sofa like a fish whilst noticing a note that had been left on the table for me.

"Jack, we are going on a short trip for the night. We will be back early in the morning, we have left you some money for food. Make sure you keep the house clean, love you"

I was excited.

I felt free to do whatever i wanted, and nobody to disturb me. Nobody was going to come bursting into my room without me expecting it, and i didn't feel one bit anxious. And then i had an idea. I had a tab of LSD hidden away for an occasion like this. I thought this was almost too good to be true.

It was around 6 pm and i decided that it was time. I laid the small square piece of paper soaked in acid on a tissue, and laid it on my tounge. Funnily enough, i was told this was an extremely strong dose. Stronger than any tab i'd taken before, but i was enthrilled. I couldnt wait to see what sights would appear and where my mind would travel to. I sat down and waited.

Thirty minutes went by and i needed a bottle of water. I ventured towards the kitchen and opened the fridge, grabbed a bottle, and closed the frige. I then turned around and to my shock i saw a black face through the window panel in my garden. I couldnt stop giggiling, it had really hit me hard and fast. I turned, looked back again, and it was gone. I giggled again like a little school girl, this really was crazy.

I went back to my living room and started staring at the midnight blue wall. Or was it purple? I couldn't remember. Green maybe? No, red. Red for sure. Were those flowers on the wallpaper? they must've been. Nevermind, I see it now, it was angels. Oh wait... thats a lot of spiders. Is that the wallpaper? I could've sworn i left the fridge open. I had to go back to close it.

The kitchen window.... it looks open. I must've done it when i was getting a drink. How long ago was that? Its fine, i'll just shut this fridge door. The handle looked very soft, velvet even. Hang on now... The back doors open. I didn't open the back door. Oh man, im losing it, i must have opened it and forgot. It's no problem, its just the acid. This was so crazy, i was loving it. I needed the toilet badly.

Entering the bathroom, i left the door open. Just as i turned towards the toilet, in the bathroom mirror i saw a black figure move swiftly past the hallway. Im seeing ghosts now?! Wow. This stuff really is strong.

I had to check what time it was, i'd completley lost the concept of it. It just flew out the window. My phone was upstairs. As i was going up the stairs the carpet that lay steadily on the wooden steps came alive. They were turning from orange to yellow to red to purple to blue to green, i was feeling nauseous and i had to look away. I arrived at my bedroom and my phone had gone. I couldn't find it anywhere. My laptop was having the similar issue. I heard a voice from downstairs. I heard a deep voice say something like 'Everything you can.' This was weird, i'd never witnessed audio hallucinations before but it was very entertaining. My guess it was around 8 or 9. Or maybe midnight... No, it had to be 10. I had to go back downstairs and check the time on the TV.

The money my parents left me was gone from the table, but the note remained. Did i order a pizza? Was that back door finally closed? I switched the TV on with the remote. I was trying to get a fix on the time but the numbers kept jumping around the tv, i couldn't read them. I had an idea, the clock! I turned around to view our grandfather wooden clock when i saw a hooded man staring down back at me. My pupils felt so dillated i felt as if they were going to pop out. I let out a huge giggle. I couldn't believe i was seeing an actual person in an hallucination. This was by far the strongest acid i'd ever taken.

"Whats funny big man? Think you can break my little brothers phone and nearly break his arm and get away with it? You're fucked." The hallucination pulled out a knife that seemed so similar to me for some reason. This was amazing, i couldn't believe how realistic it was. The figure even start to come towards me and penetrate me with this phantom blade. I couldn't stop focusing on his ski mask fabric. The cotton wool was moving like wriggly worms. Before i could examine any further, he ran away, straight out the back door, with another figure following behind him.

I let out a sigh of relief, although it was very dramatic and entertaining, that was very high-octane and intense. I must've spilled some tomato sauce on the sofa though, my parents are going to kill me when they get home.


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