I'm Only A Cat

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How would you treat your cat?

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



What more can I tell you? I'm a cat. A furry ball of- fur, but i'm smarter than that. I meow at you when i'm hungry, or when I want pet, or when I don't want pet. I meow more than dogs do. If your dog is meowing, they probably aren't a dog. Congrats! That free 'dog' you got from the house 3 blocks down is a cat, not a dog. See? I am smart. And that's the exact reason you need to watch out.

Axel was a young man, and he ran a big company. Starvo was the newest thing in dog/cat food in history. He made millions, just by selling food for animals. Since things like me are the funny ones on the internet, I knew he sold more cat food than he ever did dog food. Starvo Food Inc. went viral after just a few years of business, using commercials and online ads to his advantage. Axel could have anything he ever wanted, and instead, he picked me and his run down 2 bedroom apartment. He always had money to go places, but I can never remember Axel ever letting the money run to his head. 

But one thing never seemed right. Axel stopped paying attention to me after awhile in his new business. Eventually, we would be moving, to a far larger home. It was huge, and had many places for me to lay. But Axel never bought me toys, or cool cat furniture, or a Piano so I could make a viral video. He used me as bate for his Commercials, or as a poser for his ads. I was only ever noticed if I was making him money. I hated the new Axel, and why he treated me like this was never known to me.

Then I realized it. Axel was a Millionaire. Why would you need a cat, if you could buy every cat in the world? He didn't need me anymore, he threw me out. Pounds are cold places, and they often mistake small dogs as cats. I felt left, tortured, and was scarred. But I was lucky, because the lady that ran the desk loved me so much, she let me lay with her while she was working.

Her name was Rebecca, and she was short. She always watched the news, and quite frequently I would listen in or watch it with her. She payed attention to me, I felt loved. Then one evening, she quit her job. She left me, and soon enough, I was back behind bars. It seemed like I would never find a true owner. I begun to cry, but who could tell? After all, I'm only a cat. 

I heard the news in the officers room, it read "Starvo out of business after huge economic crash." I fell back. I had to get out of there, out of the pound. When the Pound Man came in to feed us, I did what I do best. I snuck out of his hands, and into the wild. I sniffed the ground, but i'm no dog. I started walking one direction down a long road. I killed a bird and tried to eat it, but I hadn't been used to eating such real food. It didn't feel right.

I suddenly heard a familiar voice. It sounded that of a voice of regret, and sadness. It was Axel, and he looked poor. He had no home, since he had sold it long ago. He had nothing but a broke down vehicle. I wanted to run up and tell him 'I told you so' but all I could do was meow. I jumped into his lap and looked into his eyes. He lit up, and said a sentence of words I could never forget. 

"Oh Cami, you were always there for me. And all I did for you was use you and throw you away. I'm sorry Cami, I should have listened to you.." 

Now? I meow, I meow when I want pet, or when I don't want pet. I meow when i'm hungry, I meow more than a dog does. Because i'm a cat, i'm only a cat.

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