Evil and in love~

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In a world filled with evil, there would always be something to protect it. The Crystal Castle was a holy place in the center of the earth that would place a barrier around the entire earth so that
evil creatures could never come through. Of course there was still murders and and crimes, but it was rare for something non-human to be the reason of said crimes. Year after year on the same day
demons and all other sorts of creatures would attack the castle, slowly weakening it, and finally after thousands of years it had crumbled. On October 31st at exactly 3am, the Crystal Castle was
shattered into thousands of pieces, and the one responsible was a female mind demon, who happened to also be pregnant. Her and her husband took over the castle and destroyed it, hours later giving
birth to a new little demon who she decided to name Xela Amrak. With the barrier now gone, demons and all other evil beings flooded the world, Xela and her parents settling in England. Her mother
was notorious for driving people to insanity, and her father was an oldschool fella who used weapons to simply kill the innocent. Since they were both very powerful, they rose up quickly and became
a very powerful duo, teaching small Xela how to use both weapons and magic. At age 16 she finally found out what her main power would be; Using music to control peoples emotions, thoughts, and
actions. Xela grew up to be one of the strongest in her family from her power, driving people to insanity and making them do her dirty work. Destroying lives throughout england, she became very
well known along with her parents. across the globe another villain is on the rise in America. Going by the name of Sheldon, he too has been terrorizing the world. With a large army and scientific
knowledge, he has become one of the most feared in all of the US. He wasnt much of a magic sort of person, with simple elemental powers he doesnt even use much. little of his past is known, but
when Xela turns 24 she finally gets sent off to America to spread terror, and he isnt too happy about her quick rise to fame. It took him Years to overthrow the united states, so with everyone
suddenly afraid of this new villain he became very angry...but when he finally tracks her down and corners her in an alley, he is hesitant to take action. watching her without her knowledge, he saw
her drive a couple to their breaking points and they broke up with eachother, and it made him more curious about her. What will happen if love brews between the two most evil villains?? Especially
since her mother doesnt want Xela to be in a relationship at the moment.

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Submitted: September 23, 2017

This story will contain violence, bad language, and descritption to depict certain horror and fighting scenes, so please be aware of that... Read Chapter


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