The Wizard Imposter

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"We must arrange an accident for Titus, it is a patriotic thing to do."

Monsters, sometimes, they hide among us.

You won't know, if the mind of an innocent boy, may hide a serial killer, Vampire or a terrorist. Yet to another, he might be a Patriot, instead of a monster. At least Faber thought he is.

Titus and Faber are two school mates, whom were accidentally marooned in a Wild West ghost town named Epitaph, and it is inhabited by militant Witches that only they can see.

For Titus, he wouldn’t be in this town, if he's not sent there by a crazed Principal whom was dressed up like a Wizard. Now, while trying to escape and with his mysterious past fast catching up on
him. Titus has to contend with Witches. Some, were the former acquaintances of his grandma, and having grudges against her and him, beside wanting him dead.

Then, there is his friend Faber. For something evil, desperate and ruthless had risen out from his shy mind, while they were escaping. For example, Titus has a Magical Torque of Strangulation put
on his neck, without of his consent. Unless Titus does of Faber's bidding, Faber could strangle him.

For every path out of this town, seems daunting. From the surrounding deadly deserts, to the witches flying patrols above in the night sky. If they fail, there's always the final and the easiest
way out, which is Death itself.

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Chapter 1 new Draft Part A

Submitted: April 25, 2018

Greetings my fellow readers. It has been a while since I updated my story. I deeply apologize for the lacking of it. Been busy working and also reworking the story. I felt there is a lot missing my
story, like the body language components of my characters in my chapters and also not enough of background story, which explains of how Titus lost his father and it started the whole show and
story. I had decided to put that story in later books, but it doesn't make any sense to do it. So instead of the chapter of how the skyship was captured. I am moving that to book 2, when I tells of
Faber's story. Of how he end up in the town, evade capture and he was changed by his experience. The first story is concentrated on Titus, how he end up in the town. Also the later half of the
book, I made major changes. Like the Town is divided into two factions, the Riders and the Townfolks. The drug sakfron is the main driving component.. well.. it best to read to understand my story.
No use of me highlighting it. The original Chapter 1 is now Chapter 3, with some minor modification to it. Also, the plot is now more Character focus.. one of the major weakness in my story is the
lack of Character development, like Titus for example. He will go through a character change in this new version of the story. In the beginning, he suffers from an lack of confidence, naive,
unsecured and blind trusting of people. He will soon change, once he learnt magic, taught Wizard Self defense.. to survive the deadly task his foe in town gave him. However, the true foe is the
friend he trust.. anyway.. for those whom had read it.. the friend can be his worse enemy. So.. best to read it and discover the changes yourselves. So here is the new Chapter 1.. 15 years ago,
when Titus was a baby and the day his dad died. It is still a work in progress, I will post more when I do more of it.

So the new Chapters.

Chapter 1 The Sinister Warning. Chapter 2 The Shrieking Shadow. Chapter 3 A Family with secrets. Chapter 4 The man without a shadow. Chapter 5 Lost in a desert paradise. Chapter 6 The Haunted Town
Chapter 7 The Mysterious Wizard. Chapter 8 Revelation. Chapter 9 A town Divided. Chapter 10 Town of Magic Chapter 11 Bloody Overdose. Chapter 12 The Truth about Evil. Chapter 13 The Plan of Escape.
Chapter 14 Untitled. Chapter 15 Tiberius Revealed. Chapter 16 Faber Who?

These are Working Titles..
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