One as the Ocean

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People are so quick to judge, but they fail to look on the inside.

Submitted: September 24, 2017

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Submitted: September 24, 2017



I eat healthy,

I exercise,

I'm kind to others,

I sympathize.


I brush my teeth,

I comb my hair,

And that's all that they see

As if that's all that's there.


My heart is as vast

As the occean is deep.

Surrounded by family and love

do I sleep.


I don't have a job. 

I do little and pout,

And the world always asks me,

"Whats to worry about?"


They're calling me out

As if I don't have a plan,

But what's inside my mind

Is what they dont understand.


My thoughts gather deep

Like each drop in the sea;

But they think I'm mundane,

And that's bothering me.


I look at my actions,

And they may be quite scarce,

Because my head and my heart;

For there's work needed there.


Don't judge a person

Until you see inside.

There are so many things

That we feel we must hide.


Fear of judgement,

Rejection or scars

Is what makes us afraid

To be who we are.


Forget what they say,

And forget what they see.

You are the only you 

There will be.


Don't lose your faith.

Strong you must stand.

Be surrounded by people

Who believe in your plan.


You find who you are

As your life takes it's motion;

So believe in yourself,

And be as deep as the ocean.


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