Amongst The Stars

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A human reflects upon the life aboard a ship, forever floating through space

Submitted: September 24, 2017

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Submitted: September 24, 2017



I sat in the captain's chair 


Counting the thousands of blue and white specks in the blackness


While I drifted through the vastness of the universe 


Only myself to keep me company 


It was such a peculiar feeling


To gaze upon the thousands of stars


The hundreds of planets


And be the only life for billions and trillions of kilometres


I had everything I need to stay alive here


Enough water and food to last longer than I'll live


But I float around all day


Centimeters of metal protecting me from the nothingness


I was born on earth


But I shall die alone here


Maybe a meteor will tear through the ship 


And I will die painfully 


Or maybe I will drift into a black hole


And gain the knowledge that only the smartest could dream of


But for now


I will sit and stare at the stars


Never failing to be amazed by the abundance of light 


Piercing through the void of space


And I will continue to feel and experience what no human before me has


The immeasurable isolation 


And the immense serenity, mixed in with fear 


To create a pool of emotion no other has swam in 


But myself


And now I'll float 




And hoping


Amongst The Stars




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