Cafe Where We Brew Our Future

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jack "Jaq" Homura, a college student living in flat life, that didn't have any unique thing for color his life. Then he found a cafe and from that place, his friend, Ryna Kaguya meet.

From that, his life slowly get more colorful

It's 08:30 pm. Today is a cold night. My breath from my nose shows the vapor. I walking down this street for relaxing myself from the tight of my life. This is truly a big help for me. The water flow sound really soothing my ears. The quiet yet tranquil street add the chill to my eyes. The glow of street light also adds the beautiful scenery of the street. The esthetic of the building really gives me a calm feeling.

But, I cannot stand the cold. Then, I saw the cafe, still opened. Thinking that I also can relax there too, I enter the cafe. The welcome bell ringing indicates guess coming. "Ah, Bonjour!", some bartender girl saying hi to me. "Welcome to our cafe, mister", the female butler side of me say hi. The strange thing is, I recognize the girl's face. "Ryna?" "Jaq? Wow, never thought you will come here!" "Really? Do you work at this cafe? I didn't know that!" "Sorry, I like to keep my job identity secret, don't tell this to anyone, ok?", she whispered to me. "Sure, sure, Mrs.Butler" "Shush!". 

After that, Ryna bring me to empty table, then, I sit down there. "Here's your menu, Sir Jaq" "Don't call me sir, I'm still not old" "WELL....the rule here is we need to call our male customer Sir, so, you will get extra pay for violating the rule......." "HEY! Okay, okay, I'm sorry!" "Just kidding, I think the quiet boy cannot see his wallet empty huh?!", she said in a funny tone

But, whatever it is, my order is here, a cup of cappuccino. The soothing smell of sweet cappuccino aroma really makes me want to drink it right away. "Here your order, mister, hope you enjoyed". She left the cup of cappuccino on my table and leave. After I take a sip, ahhhh, I feel relaxed. All the tiredness in my body felt gone away. I stare to the outside from inside the cafe window. I started to rain. Sadly, I didn't bring anything that can protect me from the rain. So, that's mean I have to stay at this cafe bit longer, with this girl, trapped.

Meanwhile, when I just staring into the outside, Ryan surprised me from the back. "Woooo!" "Not this time again, troll girl" ", don't call the girl like that" "Sorry, that rule didn't work when I talking to you" "Say what?!" 

Then, a young man appeared calm down our heated arguing moment. "'s cafe, it still has a lot of people here, so, please, can you guys tone down your voice and didn't act recklessly?" "It this the fault of all of this!", we pointed each other while we shout that word. Of course, not in a second, I and Ryna turn our face around. 

It has been 15 minutes, and the rain still didn't stop yet. My cappuccino is already run out, I already paid it, but I feel I want another drink again because all my water I bought from home is empty. "Feel thirsty, young guy? Why you just put another order?", Ryna said on my back while she makes a suspicious smug face. "Don't hesitate, it's free, come and get it, young guy~" "I'm will not fall into your trap" "Come on, it's my master order" "Impossible for a master of this cafe just give it to one customer, especially that you just make your own rule" "IT'S NOT! BELIEVE ME!", the loud voice of her makes me little bit jumped.

"Ok! Ok! I got it. You want me to order another drink right? FINE, just tune down your voice, please" "Thank you, master~", hearing that word makes me wondered if she always uses that voice while she works here. But, now, I must order a drink that she said it's free. 

"Ah, young man, welcome to my cafe, thank you for coming here", an old man that looks like age 55 standing in the bartender area, welcoming me to his cafe. "Pleasure to be here" "So, what is your name, young man?" " Chiruka Yamazaki, just call me Chiru, sound like girl name, but that's how a lot of people call me" "Ah, Hichi, nice to meet you, my name is Fumio Atsuo, just call me Fumio"

We have a little chat, talk about how he built this cafe and how the journey of this cafe until now. The rain just filling the empty space of talk season we made. The aesthetic of cafe place is really also giving chill atmosphere while we talking.

So, the story of this cafe was actually built by the cafe owner child, who really want to help the economy of his family, even though the family is already rich, the child keep insists to build the cafe in order something bad happened. Luckily, the family didn't have any incident or something bad happened, but, the cafe is really popular among the people, adding income for their family. 

Because of that, the boy named the cafe "La Chance Cafe" or by people always called it "Rakkii Cafe", because they feel lucky after they come to this cafe and also feel calm and happy, according to the owner said, when he asks the customer coming here.

"Ah, I almost forgot to give you drink while we deeply talk about our topic. Please, wait a minute, I will prepare the drink for you"

After several minutes, he back with a cup of sweet aroma, "Here's your free drink, sir, I hope you enjoyed" "Don't need to be too kind to me, I didn't feel like didn't deserve free drinks" "It's okay, young man" "But......" "Don't be shy, I offer this free drink to all my customer for their first time in this cafe" "Really?" "Of course" "Then, thank you"

After that, I drink and after it passes through my mouth, the sweet and tasty milk, chocolate, and vanilla are so soothing, bit slew of tea also add the taste. So relaxing and also tasty at the same time.

"This is great! Thank you so much" "You're welcome, young man"

"It looks like someone digging the master drink huh? Do you remember it's free too? Hehehe". I cannot reply her at this point, I was too shy and I also want to control myself in front of an old person.

The clock show 10 PM now, but I really need to go home but the rain still poured. I didn't bring any raincoat or anything waterproof that enough to protect me from the rain. Then, the old man, owner of the cafe said, "Young man, you really need to go home now, do you?" "Yeah....." "How about use one of our beloved maid, that also your friend, young man?". After I hear that word, I know what owner mean, he means my friend, Ryna. "Or I can call another person to help you" "IT"S OKAY! IT'S OKAY! Don't force people just to help me" 

After that, I hear girl voice behind me, "Too bad, I already hear it and master ask for it" "WHOA!" "I can take you home, how about that?" "Um......" "Don't be shy, don't say you're shy in front of me and master~" "Huh.....okay.....I give up, you can take me home"

After that, she changes from her maid outfit to regular outfit, picks the umbrella and ready to take me home, "I'm going for a while, Master!" "Okay, be careful" "Sure!"

The rain still occurred, but at least, I got something to shelter with. "So, hows the cafe? Is it good? Is it good?" "Yeah, I suppose, it really, something" "What do you mean?" "I mean.....uh.....", I turn away my face from her from split second, hide my red cheek. "What are you thinking?" "Um, nothing, I're really cute in that outfit.....". She became blush too, not realizing she turn the umbrella, only shelter her, not me, got me caught in the rain. "OH NO! SORRY!" "Brrrr, it's long the inside of bag still dry" "Do you have any plastic or anything that protect the bag?" "No, all plastic I use already used for trash bag, patching holes, and anything else, besides for the bag" "Ah, still believable"

After 15 minutes walking, I arrived at my home. "Um, thank you for accompanying me on this current situation. Really appreciate it" "I guess the tough one change to soft one at this moment, huh?" "......", I want to reply her with like Shut up or anything sound like that, but because I have gratitude at her, I can't.

"So, do you want to have time for a while first? Warm your body for a bit?" "Sure, great idea, but let me inform my master first" "Okay"

While I prepare milk tea for us, she calls her master that she will arrive at the cafe a little bit late. After getting permission from her master, she goes to guess room. 

"Here it is" "Thank you, I guess the maid get maid by another person huh?" "I think you can say that" "It's really good! You really can make a good drink!" "Thanks"

Her praise is really something for me. Coming from a cute girl, same school and class, that work as a maid in the cafe. After that, I bring her some small blanket to warm her body, "Awww, this is so sweet, thank you~" "You're welcome"

After that, we just chat and talk because in my home, it just me and her. My parent is go to a family wedding party. My brother has a camping event at the university. So not realizing we talk for 10 minutes and the clock show at 10:20, because counting from make drink and drinking it, get some blanket from 2nd floor for her warm, and we had more little chat season

"Ah, it's already 10:20" "Oh yeah, it's late night time now" "Yeah, I need to go to my home, but first I must return to Cafe to meet my master and pick my stuff there"

I walk with her to in front of the door and she thanking me for the warm and drink

"Thank you for the drink and the warm~" "You're welcome" "You know what? You can work at our cafe~" "You mean....." "Yeah, just come to our cafe and say you want to work with us~ We happily accept you" "But, is it any like some filtering and choosing?" "You're special, because, you know, there are someone works there that everyone knows~" "Don't say......" "YEP! It's me, hehehe~" "Um....." "Don't be shy~ Boy didn't easily shy, right~?" "Yeah...but..." "We can meet each other every day~" "Uh.....", I loss for word, shy what I want to say to her

After that, she kisses my forehead, before she leaves and walks away with her umbrella. I immediately place my head on my forehead, blushing. She waves at me and I just replied with a little wave. The kiss imprinted on my head will not be forgotten so easily in my brain because it's near my memories place

- Tomorrow

It's a sunny day. It's holiday time for all school and university, mean it's summertime. Even though, when I see pass the cafe I visit yesterday, it still open, but the people didn't come because it just opens. Remembering that she invited me to work here, I walk to the cafe. I take a long deep breath to collect my courage and step in. Soon, the employee, the maid, the butler and the master of the cafe welcoming me, In front of me, Ryna standing there, holding butler uniform in her hand. "Welcome new young love butler! So, what you want to say?". Of course, I cannot forget what that day to me. And of course, it has the answer, "I take the job" "WELCOME!", people in the cafe celebrate my first day on the job, from today. 

She walk slowly to me and handed me the butler outfit, "Welcome to our cafe, my dear butler", I shocked that she said that, she sound like love me, but I can only play along with her now, but from what she said sound serious, so I also let out my true feeling to her. "Thank you, my cute maid". After that, the crowd of cafe employee become wild because we look like a lover

"Thank you for accepting my request, my dear butler", she hug me tight, so I reply her hug, "Of course, for you my darling"

From that day on, me, Ryna and all of cafe employee (maid, butler, etc) become more colourful and more lively

Submitted: September 24, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Risk_A_. All rights reserved.

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