were from the moon

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the moon is a giant ufo parked in space for ever.

Submitted: September 24, 2017

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Submitted: September 24, 2017



The moon shine it light on earth . we look up at the moon and wonder why is it there so close to earth .  well the moon is not a planet its a huge space ship that came from a far star in space.  many years a go on a planet light years from earth there was people just like us. the planet was going to die in a few years.so they started to build a huge space ship that took five years it was so big that they had to build it in space.  they made it round like there planet and it could hold most of the planet .but some people had to stay behind. as it got closer to dooms day every one that was leaving started to board space ships that took them to the mother ship.  the captain told every one that there was a planet that support life and it was beautiful like there own .  they called the planet earth .there was only animals on planet earth.  it would take a year to get there.they had plenty of food and water and tools to rebuild .when the year past the new world earth was just below they all got in shuttle crafts and started down to earth.they was amaze with the trees and lakes flowers blue skys. but there was all so danger huge animals on land and sky roam the earth.to live there they have to destroy them. so the captain shot giant lazers from the ship to destroy all the giant animals on earth. when every one had left the ship it was parked there for ever coverd in thick dirt to look like a planet. as the years went by the space ship was called the moon.the first persons to walk on the moon had no ideal it was a ufo.they was walking on.the ufo will be there for ever park in space . no one alive no the moon is a space ship it still fly but if no one will ever find out what will happen when earth is doom. we could all fly to mars and start over,  are deeper in to space.may be some day the trouth will be found out that the moon is are way from death.

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