The bitterness of regret

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i made so many choices in my life , but this is the first time i regret choosing two choices , from two different decisions , one of them was living here in this country and the other one is my
educational system ....always think carefully before making a decision , sit somewhere where you can calm down and sort out your thoughts and you will make the right choice...

Event after event

Moment after moment

Questions asked left unanswered

Pages turned left unread

So many mysteries

In legends and stories

Passed down from one generation to another

But there is a question that needs an answer

Why do we have to regret

The chances that we didn't get ?

Why when a decision is taken

And a chance is already chosen

Why does regret follow as if it was allured ?

Isn't there a way for this feeling to be cured ?

Just like erasing some bad past memories

As easy as deleting a bunch of drama series

For some moments to be forever forgotten

Because this feels just like a burden

Affecting all of my thoughts & upcpming decisions

Altering my visions & upcoming actions

I never knew which road I'm supposed to take

Every choice I make gives me a headache

Being pushed around to choose a way

But what can I really say ?

Why isn't there a place worth to dream ?

No regrets, no decisions, just feeling free under a sunbeam

Nothing on your mind

No answers to find

But I really need to know an answer

To this question one way or another

Why do we have to regret

The chances that we didn't get 


Submitted: September 24, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Norealle Ehab. All rights reserved.

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Momina Khan

i love it..... marvellous.
nice piece of writing....... :D

Sat, January 20th, 2018 1:43pm


thank you for your kind words and for your support

Sat, January 20th, 2018 6:42am

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