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Jinny gets into trouble as soon as she brings home her first boyfriend. Her father doesn't like him, and told him straight to his face. Jinny loves her father and she loves Grayson too. She has to
find a way to bring peace between them.

Submitted: September 24, 2017

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Submitted: September 24, 2017



Jinny's father was indoors and peeping out behnd the curtains to the front of the drive. Jinny had promised she'd bring her boyfriend for the first time to meet her parents. Beside her on the left was Grayson. He was just about a couple inches taller than her. He had on strange clothing. His hair was in a terrible state. He had a chain coming from his belt on the right hand side, and going down his pants. The same was on the other side. His clothes looked as if he had taken them straight out f the wash and on himself.

The father kept on peeping as Jinny turned to her right to come up to the house. Grayson was then exposed, and could be seen more clearly by the father.He didn't believe what he was seeing. He quickly moved from the window, took a couple of steps, and found himself at the front door and opening it. He stepped outside and met Jinny and her boyfriend before they could reach the steps to the door.

''Whoa!''  The father said to Jinny. ''Who is this?'' He was pointing a finger towards Grayson.
''This is Grayson, my boyfriend, dad!''
The father didn't like the way Grayson was dressed. ''I don't believe it, Jinny. You're having me on!''
''No, dad, it's true. Its gone a week now since we became friends.''
''Couldn't you have found someone better?'' The father showed his anger.
Grayson stepped forward. ''I'm afraid you have offended me, sir. How do you mean some one better?''
''Look at you for God's sake,'' the father told Grayson. ''What parents in the whole world would let their daughter go out with something like you?''
Grayson came closer to Jinny's father. ''I'm young and I have the choice of wearing what I want. I'm well educated and I'm not that bad looking.''
''Dad, trust me. Grayson is okay. His character is good. I'm not looking at what he's wearing. I feel what's in his heart.'' Jinny explained to her father.
''For you, Jinny, it's alright. There are many parents who would rise up against it.'' The father said.
Grayson said: ''Look, you'll see that I'm not the only one dressed this way. It's just a new thing. There's nothing wrong with it.''

Jinny pleaded with her father to give Grayson a chance, and not to judge him straight away. Her father accepted and they all went into the house.

Jinny was the only child her father had. She was now turning 18, doing pretty well well with her studies and got on well in the environment. She had dark-brown hair with light-gray eyes. She has a small scar on her forehead. She had gotten this when her mother died. They were on the continent and driving back home when the car skidded off the road and slammed into a pole. The mother was killed immediately. The father was taken to the local hospital where he stayed for a few weeks. At that time, Jinny was only five and was cared for by her grandparents on both sides. When her father came back, he took over caring for Jinny.

Jinny's father was a well built man having the same hair and eyes as Jinny. There was a strong nond between them. She had always listened to what he had to say, and didn't rebel. Only this time, now she's in a relationship, she asked her father to listen to her.

Inside the house, the father went straight away to get the tea ready. Jinny sits on the couch next to Grayson, switched the tv on. The news was on. The father came back with a tray with three cups teaq and biscuits. He set it on the table in front the tv. He sat down on the single chair on the left. ''So what are you studying?'' He asked Grayson, lifting up the cup to take a drink.
Grayson, after he had a drink of his tea, said,''I'm studying for managerial and financial accounting.''
''A couple more years,'' Jinny spoke to her dad, ''and you can bring all your financial accounts to be checked by Grason.''
''By the way, Grayson,'' the father said, ''Forget what happened between us outside. I was hasty.''

Jinny suggested that the father should come along this evening to the disco with them. ''They'd laugh at me. You go along, I'll just relax and watch tv.''
''Dad! You're coming with us, there'll be other parents there, I'm sure.''
''Yeah! It'll be good for you as well,'' Grayson told him.
''Okay, then I'll come along for an hour,'' the father replied.

That evening Jinny took her father along with Grayson to the disco. When the father got there, he saw the clothing most of the young people were wearing. It was new to him, he had nevr seen it on TV, and he didn't go out that much since the day his wife died. He was angry with himself for telling Grayson off. The music was very loud, lights were flashing on and off in all different colors. Jinny's father stayed at the bar, on the left hand side, watching the boys and girls doing their dances. Some of it was quite strange to him. He preferred to be at the ballroom, where you can go and approach your partner in a polite way, asking to dance. He knew time had change and the youth nowadays had their own way of enjoying themselves.

Behind the bar was the owner and his wife, and a young woman to help them. She approached Jinny's father. ''I've never seen you in here before!''
''My daughter and her boyfriend invited me along.'' He told the barmaid.
''And who's your daughter, then?''
He pointed her out to the barmaid.
''I know her,'' the barmaid said. ''She comes in often. I saw her with some other girls''
''S he's here tonight with her new boyfriend.''
''Oh! I see. And you? Where's your wife then? Didn't want to bring her along eh!''
Jinny's father  was glad when the barmaid went away to serve some food. He didn't like her mentioning his wife. He had another drink, told Jinny and her boyfriend that he was leaving.They wished he had stayed longer.

Jinny's father got back home, switched the TV on, made himself a cup of tea and sat down to watch his favourite show. He couldn't keep himself from staring at the photo on top the TV. It was taken a few years before they had the accident. It was of himself and his wife. He failed to understand why she was taken away. She was a nice loving wife, believed in God and had lived a decent life. Why was she taken away? He just couldn't understand it. He was glad though that Jinny was okay.

Just as he was about to make another tea Jinny came back with her boyfriend. There was someone else. It was the barmaid. As he stepped inside, Grayson said, ''Sir, meet my mother.''


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