Things My Imginary Friend Told Me Before I Grew Up

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Imagine that others can't see me because I am imaginery. ---Manny

Submitted: September 24, 2017

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Submitted: September 24, 2017



Are you really going to make me do something I don't want to



Don't ask dumb questions


Because that's what I was told

By whom

No one you'd want to know

Tell me who

Fine you want to know that badly


 It was the world


The world told me to make you into someone other than yourself

I... I don't understand

Everything isn't all rainbows kid. People are lying to you and they'll contiue to until you expose them

How could you say that

I was one of them. I saw what they did and joined them


I was the one who let them take him.


And now I'm doing the same thing to you

Stop it

But I didn't mean it really, they lied just enough to make me believe

You're scaring me

Deb you can't be serious

But you are. You're really scaring me

I'm fine. I'm fine





Are you really going to make me go

I'm afraid I have to

Its either you or me I'm afraid [chuckle] and once was more than enough for me

Its not funny

I know. I know it dummy

Then why

Because I just have to. You'll understand when your older

Your wrong I can understand it now

Deb be quiet! You don't understand anything!

Manny I can hear you, you don't have to shout

Sorry kid, I just can't take things right now

Sorry I make things so hard

Aw Deb don't be that way.I hate this so much and its what THEIR going to do that worries me

It'll be okay right

No. No it won't. I won't lie to you.Things won't be okay

Manny that's not true

Listen, I'm already losing you why would I start lying now

Won't someone else take me

I wish I knew. How I wish I knew if I could remember your face without the pills

Manny its okay

No kid. Just no

Lets go, they'll be here soon

You know what


Your pretty brave 


That's not a compliement

Oh. Why

It'll get you in dangerous situations where no matter how you try you can't win

Are you sure

I've been there. I don't know any other way

Okay Manny. I believe you

Good. It will help you out there


Now lets go. I don't want to remember your face anymore


Once you leave the pills go to

But you need them. The doctor said!

The doctor straight up lied. He knew you'd believe him. 

But they were working

They were. Until I had to remember I was going to lose you


Come on kid

Do you love me


I said do you love me

Kids aren't supposed to ask questions like that Deb.

But I want to know, do you love me. What's so hard about it 


Good. Now do you love me

I don't know kid. I don't know anything anymore


Its the honest and cut throat truth kid. I don't know if I love you. 


Don't be offended or anything [chuckle] I don't know if I can love anybody

Okay Manny

Deb its the truth. I would never lie to you

So you know what's going to happen when I leave this place

.....yes....yes I do

Then why

Why what

Why don't you go out and actually stop something, stop this

Deb you know I can't. I'm weak everyone knows it. I have to go now

Manny don't

I have to Deb. I have to leave you. You have to go and grow up without me by your side

I don't want to Manny

Its not your choice kid. Its never our choice kid

Fine. Their here Manny I have to go now

I know


No Deb, its not good

Then see you later

We both know that won't happen

Come on Manny, you can't be serious

You have to go back to the real world now. I can't protect you anymore


Yea kid, I mean Deb

I love you


I love you even if you can never love me. Maybe you can try learnig while I'm gone


Bye Manny

Bye Deb

I have to go now but perhaps at some point we'll meet again

If only. But I have to start over

I know that now. See kids can understand adult things

Yeah. But its only that way with you

Ha. Wish us both enough luck for the two of us huh

I'll do that(every single momment that I have).

Its my time to go Manny

I know. Go on and meet the world; go be an adult

Until next time?

If you make it out before you fall apart. Then yea.

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