Emma Prybis star is born

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a girl that made it to the top

Submitted: September 24, 2017

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Submitted: September 24, 2017



Emma Prybis a beautiful young lady lived in a house in the country.  she had a job as a part time nurse . she needed money to help her mom pay bills . she all so took care of the chickens and horses on the ranch. she loved to ride horses her favorite horse was smokie she raised it from a pony .  she would ride in a big field to a lake where she would relax and eat her lunch.  she loved to sing all day and all night.  her voice was amazing . she would sing for her church and to people in the park.  Emma was very close to her mom they did every thing shop movies walks in the park.  one day a man from new york saw her sing at the park he was in town looking for singing talent .  he ask Emma if she would come to new york to make a record . she was so excited .  she ran home to tell her mom the news. the next day they went to the airport . it ws a round trip ticket all paid for.  when they got there they went to meet the agent sam .  Emma wrote her own songs.  after her record was made it was made in to many copys that was sent to all the radio stations. her first single was about her horse called smokie. it went all way to number five.  then her next single went to number one. she was on her way.as the months went by she was on talk shows . she had music videos .won awards .. she was making millions .she was all so a actor had her own tv show.  a star is born .she bought her mom a mansion with servents. it was built on her mom farm she loved that farm and the horses.  Emma bought her the best horses in the world. as Emma travel the world she never for got her horse smokie she would visit him every chance she got. Emma dreams has come true a part time nurse to super star. but she all ways had time for her mom and go to the lake with her horse smokie.the end

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