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We all sometime in our life felt heartbroken, we feel the pain of love and want to move on. But, somehow end up being there forever. We refuse to move on, let's see this same experience with a
different perspective.

Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017





 I still remember when I first saw those pair of shiny brown leather shoes in the showroom. I was staring at them my eyes were wide open and all my senses were focusing on them only. Suddenly! I heard a voice, I thought these beauties are started talking to me trying to convince me to take them with me but I soon realize it was the voice of a salesman although he was doing the same thing, trying to convince me.


I was convinced, well honestly there was nothing like to be convinced because it was love at first sight. I bought them and said to myself that I will wear them only on special occasions.  I was not able to hide my love for them. I didn’t keep them with other shoes because for me they were special and deserve special care special place everything to be special so I kept them in my personal drawer.I use to clean them every day although I never wore them I was waiting for that special occasion so that I can justify with those good-looking shiny superstars of mine.

Finally, the day comes when I decided to wear my shiny brown leather shoes. It was my college fresher’s, I was wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and blue and pink stripe tie the time come when I have put my legs in that beauty.  I was so happy! I felt completed but after some time my toe started hurting, something was wrong so I decided to see. I removed my shoes there was shoe bite I was standing still there were tears in my eyes. I felt broken, betrayed and hurt for obvious reasons. I looked at them and asked why are you doing this to me? They didn’t say a word. I decided to wear them again in a hope this time they will not hurt me, after all, I loved them so much. I walked in them it started hurting again, I dance in them it hurt, I get frustrated by the pain I was suffering because of them I removed them and throw them and sat alone trying to figure out what did I do wrong my vision became blur may be because of tears I saw someone coming towards me. They were my friends they said u don’t need a pair of shoes to enjoy your own life come join us we are here with you. I left those shoes there only and I never think about them again.

 After some year same incident happened with my friend it was a little different though this time it was a girl. He saw her and fall for her it was love at first sight again. They decided to be together he started pampering her he was deeply in love with her everyone around them felt jealous of them they seem to be made for each other. They were dating for almost a year and then their special day came when my friend decided to propose her for marriage in front of hundreds of people in the mall he calls all his friends and her too. He waited so long for that day. He was blushing, looking around like a mad person excited!! Nervous all at the same time. He was waiting for her looking at his watch smiling but tensed too.

She didn’t come but she texted him in which she said she knew he wanted to propose her but she is not ready for that, in fact, she is not even serious enough to even think about it. He was standing like a statue continuously looking towards his phone in a hope that she will call and say sorry. It doesn’t happen no call no further text, went close to him and just said one this if a shoe wants to hurt you don’t try to wear them forcefully he said u can’t understand my pain he didn’t know though that I can understand his pain after all “MY SHOE ALSO BITTEN ME” .


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