Forces Of Nature

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Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017




Forces Of Nature


No matter where you live on earth the forces of nature chip away at her sculpting and changing her in a never ending cycle. From high above our home she looks like a giant marble of blue but down close she has been changed and shaped over the centuries.


Since before time water has surged through her veins cutting away at her shaping her from within. When tectonic plates shift the earth, it shows us just how small we really are as the earth from beneath our feet falls away everything built above is swallowed falling deep into a never ending chasm.  


There is an abundance of beauty to be seen from around the world you can stand on any mountain top look out to see natures artwork , you can dive to the depths of the oceans and see life very few has ever seen before , you can even go to space look down upon the earth and see an ancient wall cover the land like a giant python slithering across the vast landscape.


But no matter where you live on this marble of blue hurricanes, tsunami 's, earthquakes and more will sooner or later raise there heads like a dragon sleeping through the ages ready to wreak havoc upon the land without a thought or care for the people that will be no more.


By Bunzy September 25th 2017.
















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