The Shadow

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Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017



 The shadow


The shadow followed

The shadow saw

The little bunny

The hawks claw


The shadow touched 

The shadow faded 

The bunny screamed 

No one aided


The shadow watched

The shadow waited

The hawk lost strength

So the touch awaited 


The shadow moved on

The shadow then found

The mouse by the pond

One touch, it drowned


The shadow was sad

The shadow just wanted

To feel something special

But loneliness haunted


The shadow felt the gaze

The shadow met its host

The deer stood bravely 

Not leaving its post


The shadow was confused

The shadow was intrigued 

The two played together 

Til they fell down fatigued


The shadow was happy

The shadow enjoyed

This new companion 

Filled the painful void


The shadow saw sunrise

The shadow saw sunset

The deers fur turned gray

With nothing to regret


The time was now over

Their play had to end

They need to move on

Say goodbye to a friend


The shadow cried

The shadow just knew

One touch to decide

One final “thank you”

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